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The single most important priority of any business is to grow - organically and globally, and growth is made possible by the primary resource of the organization - people. Remote work has given everyone the ability to add hours back to their day, allowing precious time to be spent with family and friends, more than previously possible.

We’re building Skuad as the future of work, enabling access to a whole new world of opportunities to talent in every corner of the world, without having to relocate, without needing to leave their loved ones behind, never missing a small moment or a significant milestone.

1 Million

Opportunities by 2027

Our leadership team brings in over two decades of HR experience in building globally diverse and distributed teams, creating Skuad with the principal mission to elevate lives by democratizing talent and opportunities globally.

Hire Global Talent, Simply.

Our self-serve product removes the wheat from the chaff when building your global remote team. Hire, onboard, manage and pay your global remote teams on one central dashboard. Find who you want, and leave the rest to us.

No longer will the heart yearn for home. At Skuad, we bring the best job opportunities to global talent. Our mission is to facilitate the equilibration between areas experiencing talent shortages, with areas that have ample supply. So you can do what you love, where you love.

Build your Remote Team, Now.

Attracting talent is arguably the most important investment and challenge for any business. At Skuad, we enable your company to get the best hands on deck by making global remote hiring a seamless process. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on hiring the best global talent.

Your best and fastest way to hire globally

With operations in over 160 countries, a growing number of companies have made Skuad their preferred Global HR Platform to hire and manage their global remote teams. Our most recent funding of $4 million from BEENEXT, Anthemis Group and Alto Partners is helping to build a new world where diversity, opportunity and talent are truly borderless. We are not slowing down.

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