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Global Payments

Onboard and pay your contractors anywhere in the world with one unified platform.

Starting at $19 per

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  • Pay your team on time and in the currency of their choice

  • Onboard contractors and sign contracting agreements instantly

  • Utilize our secure platform to seamlessly manage all contractor documents

  • Adhere to IC compliances and secure IP and invention rights through employment clauses

  • Real-time track and approve contractor invoices for the exact number of hours worked

  • Live chat support to offer guidance every step of the way

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Global Employment

Hire full-time employees anywhere. Skuad manages payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Starting at $199 per

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  • Offer competitive salary and benefits packages tailored to the country of employment

  • Get localised employment agreements vetted by our local HR and legal experts

  • Collect and manage employment documents as per local laws

  • Secure IP and invention rights through triparty IP Assignments

  • Manage, track, and approve Paid Time Off seamlessly with our platform in just a few clicks

  • Multi-channel assistance with a dedicated account manager

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Can you explain your pricing structure?

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We charge a flat fee per head, per month for all your remote employees and contractors. There are no hidden charges, no surprises. Our clients are always in the know.

Does your pricing vary with the salaries of our employees?

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Not at all. We charge a flat fee that does not change with the salaries you pay them.

Can I opt for selective services from Skuad’s platform?

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Skuad takes the payroll complexities out of your life. We reduce it to a single click and a single invoice to pay ALL your employees and contractors Absolutely! You can pick any combination of services listed in our Global Employment Plan and request a custom quote. We do advise our clients to avail all services under our Global Employment Plan when employing remote talent full-time, however, if you want a more customized solution, we’d be happy to tailor-make one for you.while automatically applying relevant deductions and surcharges for taxes, currency conversion, bank transfers, and so on.

What all monthly costs do I have to bear apart from total employee costs and Skuad platform fee?

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Skuad bundles additional costs, if any, under a single monthly invoice for you, so you do not need to track and manage them separately. The cost variables in your monthly billing can include:

  • A refundable security deposit equivalent to 1 to 3 months of the employee pay (depending on the severance pay in a given country)

  • Applicable bank transfer charges

  • Applicable foreign currency conversion charges

  • Applicable withholding taxes (when transferring from a country without the double taxation treaty with Singapore)

  • To ensure smooth payouts, we require our customers to pay the invoices toward monthly salaries at least two weeks before the payroll date.

Can you help us resell our services or raise invoices from our clients in remote locations?

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No, we can’t help you raise local invoices from your clients or resell your services. We focus on employment risks, compliances, and payroll.

Can I convert a contractor into a full-time employee?

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Yes. Skuad enables you to do that in just a few simple clicks.

What is the fee that you charge for a given country?

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The flat fee varies from one country to another, starting at $199. Please note, when onboarding expats, there may be additional fees applicable towards verification, immigration and other labor requirements as per the country’s local regulations.

How is Skuad different from local Employer of Record (EoR) firms?

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Skuad’s USP lies in the below benefits:

  • Global reach across 160+ countries

  • Simplified and flat pricing for each country

  • 24x7 support team to guide you at every step

  • Custom pricing based on your unique requirements

  • A self-serve SaaS platform for delivering big and small conveniences that lead to a great customer experience

Why opt for Skuad’s platform instead of setting up a legal entity and employ under it?

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Organizations prefer Skuad for the below reasons:

  • It removes the need to set up local entities in other countries for hiring full-time employees and eliminates costly compliance mistakes when hiring contractors.

  • It saves the time and cost of hiring and sustaining an entire support team for your legal entity (talent acquisition, payroll, HR operations, legal experts, finance compliance, tax filing, facilities management, etc.).

  • It gives you immediate access to vetted talent.

  • It ensures 100% compliance. Our local legal and tax teams navigate complex local employment laws, so you don’t have to.

  • It accelerates your journey. With Skuad, you can start your global growth story instantly.

Should I opt for contractors or full-time employees when building a distributed team?

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The choice between the two depends on your project requirement and duration. For short-term projects, contractors are ideal. However, full-time employees bring a plethora of benefits:

  • Top-notch global talent prefers full-time employment for its promise of regular sustenance and other employee benefits.

  • Full-time employment agreements ensure no loopholes exist and help you safeguard your business better - with clauses on confidentiality, exclusivity, IP, and data protection, among others.

  • 24x7 support team to guide you at every step

  • Custom pricing based on your unique requirements

  • A self-serve SaaS platform for delivering big and small conveniences that lead to a great customer experience

Can you provide help with laptops and co-working spaces too in these remote locations?

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We can connect you with our local partners. We’d love to assist in any way we possibly can.