Employment in Indonesia
101 Guide To Employing And Officing In Indonesia

The Indonesian market is a hub of geographical, cultural, and social diversity. It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. However, the complexity of rules and regulations acts as a hindrance to businesses that wish to expand.   Therefore, what are these challenges and difficulties in hiring and managing the teams and setting up ventures?  Here’s […]

Freelancing In India
9 Things To Know Before You Start Freelancing In India

Freelancing has come a long way from being a side hustle to the most preferred type of employment. The freelance economy in India is part of the more comprehensive structure known as the gig economy. The task-specific and on-demand nature of work is the most attractive USP for both the parties involved. Apart from freelancers, […]

Remote QA Engineer
Talent Tuesday: Irfan Rafik Mattikop

Emerging from the fallacies of the pandemic, we at Skuad are welcoming new talent with open arms! To kickstart our weekly welcome of fresh recruits, we have super enthusiastic and consistently high energy Irfan Rafik Mattikop. A QA savvy with seven years of experience, Irfan shares his first impression about us! What made you choose […]

Employment in India
Startup: Your 101 Guide To Start A Venture In India

India’s technology talent is just as diverse as its culture. With around 75% of global digital talent present in the country, the Indian subcontinent remains the top offshoring destination for technology companies worldwide. While finding great technology talent is easy, employing them in India can be slightly more complex. From developer salaries to labor law […]

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