Why Remote Work Causes E-presenteeism Among Product Managers?

Translating business models into technical requisites, running user testing, and setting tracking metrics: the job of a product manager is not easy. It involves a lot of movement, even when you are physically glued to your seat.  You are responsible for the outcome and, in the process, for the deliverables of your team members. The […]

From Thor To Talent Acquisition: Meet ‘Marvel’ous Brooke Colaco

Born in Goa’s quaint and picturesque state and brought up in the fast-paced life of Mumbai, Brooke Colaco is your perfect city girl. She understands and represents different spectrums of modern lifestyle and people’s behavior. It, therefore, hardly comes as a surprise that she chose a career in managing Human Resources. Brooke, a strong advocate […]

Remote Work Statistics
30 Interesting Statistics That Prove Remote Work Culture Is Here To Stay

Until 2019, the model of remote work was gaining popularity at a skeptical rate, with both employers and talents being unsure how it could work smoothly and efficiently in the long term. Come 2020, along with the global pandemic, a major part of the world was forced to work remotely. After initial hiccups and struggles, […]

Employment in Singapore
Singapore Guide: All About Subsidiary, Employment And Benefits

Singapore, a central financial hub in the Asia Pacific, is one of the world’s most prosperous countries, given the relative simplicity of doing business here. As per the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom and World Bank’s Doing Business report, Singapore ranks as the world’s second most open and pro-business economy in the world. Apart […]

Remote Full Stack Developer
Coding, Compassion & Colours: Decoding Our Full Stack Developer Komal Bansal

Skuad’s Full Stack Developer Komal Bansal is a brilliant combination of coding, colors, and creativity. A resolute artist and a passionate social worker, who always carries her laptop and paintbrushes, Komal is very health-conscious but loves spicy food. Ever-ready to work and paint, she shares her experience with Skuad in the last five months. She […]

How Skuad Builds Global Teams Successfully In Unprecedented Times

Over two decades ago, no one would have guessed that to work. All you would ever need is a device, an internet connection, and the will to deliver. Time zones are no longer relevant, distances no longer a hindrance for global teams, and differences no longer intolerable. That’s the power of remote work. Although Skuad’s […]

Freelancing In Singapore
Freelancing In Singapore: Eligibility, Finding Work, Filing Tax, Payments and Jobs

Singapore is one the most developed economies among the South-East Asian countries. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when we see many Singapore citizens driven in large numbers to become independent workers or entrepreneurs. As a result, the gig economy is witnessing a surge in Singapore in the last few years.  According to Ministry […]

Layoffs: Turn Crisis Into Opportunities With These Strategies

The twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and the falling job market have created a global stir. Layoffs, furloughs, and salary cuts have become part of our regular conversations. Undoubtedly, the degree of impact is industry-dependent. But the latest trends tell us that even the best of technology and digital companies are affected at a […]

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