Benefits of payroll management
Payroll Management: When and How to Outsource

Payroll management is a crucial aspect of business functions. It is also so elaborate that it involves a lot more than calculating the salaries of staff. As a result of this, it is usually a daunting task, especially for small companies with many other duties to handle. While some organizations prefer to manage their payroll […]

Q & A: Ankit Verma on his beginnings with Skuad, building apps and Kpop

He may not be good at video games, but he can surely test your wits in chess. Meet Ankit Verma, a computer science graduate and the latest Full Stack developer at Skuad. A die-hard foodie, all Ankit needs is a laptop with an internet connection. He will channelize all his energy in creating applications to […]

Employment in Cambodia
The Cambodia Guide: All About Employment Laws, Taxes & Benefits

Cambodia, or the Kingdom of Cambodia, hosts more than 15 million people. For a region where their culture determines people’s ideologies, Cambodia has witnessed many transformations. It is one of the developing countries in Asia, which means most of its potential is still untapped. With an abundance of labor, Cambodia has a lot to offer […]

Employer of Record vs International Staff Agency
Employer of Record or International Staff Agency: Which is better?

The gains of an organization’s expansion into new territories are numerous. Revenue generations, exposure to foreign investments, diversification of the organization’s market, and the appeal of rendering services to different people globally are some of the attractive benefits of going international. Ideally, every organization strives to be a global market leader and exert its dominance […]

Here’s why Meerim Zhanuzakova loves her QA job, Kyrgyzstan & Comics

Meerim Zhanuzakova loves to start her day with swimming, gym, and a bit of makeup. She is as colorful as her hair. And if possible, she would like to be immortal. Working as a remote, part-time QA Engineer, Meerim shares her advice, love for comics and nature, and what hard work means for her. How […]

Hiring strategy in South East Asia
What should be your hiring strategy in South-East Asia

Is your business ready to hire in South-East Asia? Before we talk about what should be your hiring strategy, let’s get back to the basics and understand the South-East Asian market. If you have experience with this market, you might be already aware that South-East Asia is one of the rapidly growing job markets.  Over […]

Employment in Malaysia
The Malaysia Guide: Employment Laws, Taxes & Benefits

After gaining independence in 1957, Malaysia worked towards diversifying its economy and became the fourth largest economy of South-East Asia. With technology taking center stage in Malaysia, global tech giants have started to see the potential there and are investing substantially in the Malaysian market.  It is undoubtedly a great time to expand your base […]

How to pay remote employees in different countries
Most Effective Ways To Pay Your Remote Employees Based In Different Countries

Breaking away from the traditional office setup and working with globally distributed teams is seeing an upward trend, especially when the world is forced to work remotely. Many organizations now see merit in working with remote employees spread across the globe. Why Consider A Remote Work Strategy To Save Cost: Working with remote teams/employees means […]

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