Hire Global Teams Through An Employer Of Record To Save Time & Cost

An Employer of Record is an organization or a company legally responsible for successfully extending your business using timely and cost-efficient methodologies. It is a third-party organization that provides a vast range of services, including payroll, taxations and IT returns, insurance, employee visa, providing employment benefits, and other activities concerning human resources. When you hire […]

15 Mistakes To Avoid In Every Remote Setup

The pandemic changed a lot of things around the world. One of those things happens to be the way organizations and businesses function. While there were already many companies working remotely, many others had to take up the remote setup as well since it’s the only accessible option. Research and surveys have proved that performing […]

How To Choose The Right Employer Of Record (EOR) For Your Business?

The pandemic has brought dramatic changes in the work structure and has forced companies to adapt to different strategies of operation. While hiring and managing globally distributed teams have always been a difficult task for multinational organizations, it will become a bigger challenge in the post COVID world. Cross-functional, diverse and globally distributed teams will […]

Here’s How to Manage HR Compliance with Global Talent On Your Payroll

The effective management of human resources is an essential component to achieve success. Employees are the assets of every organization that must be handled with expert precision to gain maximum output. Hiring, retaining, managing payroll, and maintaining their personal data become a significant part of the human resource management process. And this process may further […]

Freelancers Or Full-Time Employees: When & How To Make The Right Hiring Decision

Running a company comes with its own set of celebratory moments and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is hiring the right team. After all, it is the teamwork that determines your success story. The next question that arises is whether to hire freelancers or full-time employees. They each come with their own sets of […]

Hidden Challenges and Costs Associated With Global Entity Establishment

Setting up an establishment anywhere in the world brings many challenges. Different states will pose a different set of rules and regulations. Some may be unique to some countries. For successful establishment of your global entity, you have to overcome many hurdles. Challenges of Global Entity Establishment 1. Culture The most critical factor in setting […]

55 Terms All Remote Workers Must Know With Definitions

Like every group or community has a unique set of slang and lingo, so does the remote working tribe. Whether you just joined the remote bandwagon or have been its loyal driver, here is a compilation of some formal, some short-hand, some abbreviations, and some portmanteau terms. This ultimate remote work glossary will help you […]

Hire Talent In South-East Asia Before Your Competitor

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the daily work life of all employers and employees across the globe. You also must have had your fair share of video and audio calls. You must have invested in getting an ergonomic home office setup, and you might be choosing not to wear business clothes […]

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