Are You Doing Offboarding Right?

Like every drop of water forms an ocean, it’s the combined effort of all employees that forms an organization and drives its success. And that is why at every touchpoint with an employee, fostering a positive culture is important. From creating a worthwhile candidate experience at the interview to a welcoming onboarding. From a constructive […]

The Myanmar Guide: Employment Laws, Taxes, And Benefits

Myanmar has been experiencing a rapid growth since it opened up in the 2000s with its GDP growth rate among the highest in Asia. Since 2011, the government has initiated economic reforms aimed at attracting foreign investment and reintegration into the global economy. The country’s abundant natural resources and young workforce have the potential to […]

How to Recruit and Onboard Remote Employees

The unprecedented growth of the COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of employees across the world to work from home. What was once unthinkable has now become the ‘new norm’. Think about it. Millions of us – who were used to our 9 to 6 schedules, working at a feverish pace from our office workstations – […]

What Is Onboarding And Why Is It Important For Organizations?

It takes an incredible amount of time to get the right candidate to fill a particular position in an organization. The process usually involves a thorough search, screening, and selecting process of prospective candidates. With so much time expended in the process of getting the right candidate for a particular position, it is understandably frustrating […]

How Does Payroll Impact The Employee Experience?

It is no secret that companies with highly engaged employees perform better than their competitors. Employee experience is a critical factor that defines how in sync the employees are with the company’s values and goals. But before we begin to understand the impact of payroll, let’s first understand the meaning of employee experience and its […]

Here’s How You Can Continue To Employ People Who Move To A Different Country 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, almost every organization had to suddenly adopt and adapt to the remote work model. And the shift so far has been successful for most. Earlier, many organizations were reluctant to hire a remote employee. Maybe because hiring and managing a remote talent adds to the workload of the […]

Hurdles in Conducting Background Checks for Global Employees

The real cost of a bad hire is more than you think. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this price is at least 30 percent of the first-year income earned by the employees. So, as an employer, while you are ready to make sufficient investment to onboard the best resources, at the same time, […]

How To Hire A Web Developer That Matches Your Requirements

Building a website is not an easy task even though there are numerous website builder tools available in the market. Many people choose to rely on such tools for a code-free, drag and drop website development process. However, a dedicated website can only be built with the help of a professional web developer. Fortunately, hiring […]

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