How To Write A Resume For A Remote Job
How To Write A Resume For A Remote Job

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global working population across industries. Many industries had to evolve, restructure, or even shut down. The pandemic disrupted the lives of both the employers and the employees. Several jobs are now being done remotely. And as the work-from-home opportunities have gone up, the value of a strong resume has […]

remote interviews
How To Conduct Remote Interviews With Developers Effectively

Hiring a candidate is not only about his skill set. There is a lot that needs to be checked before sending an offer letter to the ideal candidate. One can find an extensive amount of information meant to help a candidate prepare for an interview. However, there is not much material for the hiring managers […]

Difference between PEO and EOR
Global Team Expansion: PEO v/s EOR, Which Is Better For Your Business?

When an organization grows in size, innumerable HR challenges come to the forefront. It is difficult for the staff members to handle payroll. They have to struggle with providing competitive benefits to attract the right talent within the organization. And it isn’t easy to cope with the dynamic compliance regulations. That is when the role […]

How to choose a global Employer of Record
5 Things To Consider Before You Select A Global Employer Of Record

With the ever-increasing pace of globalization, outsourcing, going global, and expanding businesses into different geographies have become a lot easier. For growing companies and emerging businesses, going global is a significant commitment to disrupt existing business activities. Hence, it is imperative to weigh all the possibilities and the stakes while setting up a legal entity […]

Benefits of hiring international employees
Why You Should Hire A Global Workforce: Key Benefits

Reports suggest that 72.8% of employers face a hard time finding the right employee, and 45% of employers have concerns regarding hiring talent with mandatory work skills.  Due to the multiple challenges of finding the best-suited resource for a role, there are many benefits of expanding employee search criteria horizons. Giving preference to skills over […]

Employment in Sri Lanka
The Sri Lanka Guide: Employment Laws, Taxes, And Benefits

Sri Lanka is a mixed economy in which both the private and the state sectors engage. Foreign investments are encouraged, and several free zones have been established. Its economy is based on agriculture and services and endowed with natural resources. Sri Lankan imports include petroleum, consumables, machinery, capital equipment, and motor vehicles and its exports […]

How to hire a data scientist
How to Hire a Data Scientist: Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

Do you think that a data scientist has a place in the design and development world? With the data generated with every single activity on the web, it is imperative to understand data and get a better picture.  Organizations of every scale, type, and industry need and use data to refine their product ideas, design, […]

Global payroll challenges and benefits
Decoding Payroll: meaning, aspects, challenges, top apps!

Employees are the biggest asset of any business, irrespective of the nature of the company. From operating day-to-day tasks to handling customers to bringing in new companies, employees are the pillar of strength for any business. Hence, it is so crucial that companies compensate employees for all their efforts. Payroll thus comes into the picture. […]

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