Independent Contractor
Indian Labor Law: How To Tackle Employee Misclassification

In the last few years, Remote work has exploded beyond anybody’s imagination. With this upsurge in remote work, many people have delved into acquiring skills that enable them to provide services for multiple organizations on their terms (freelancing), and the creation of a new career path which Quartz has referred to as ‘Portfolioism.’ As a consequence […]

India New Labor Laws - Industrial Relations, Social Security
Analyzing the Impact of New Labor Code for the Indian Labor Force

As per the latest CEIC data, the labor force participation rate in India dropped to 46.3% in 2020 from 49.3% in 2019. For a 500 million-strong labor force, the ruling government has implemented a set of new labor code that aims to radically overturn the way Indian labor is administered. The new codes have consolidated […]

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