misclassification of independent contractors in USA
How To Avoid Misclassification As An Independent Contractor In The USA

Despite the challenges that business owners have endured in the pandemic, the year of the entrepreneur is in full effect. Many people have decided to take the journey into self-employment in various areas of the workforce, and have become what is known as independent contractors. Who is an Independent Contractor? An independent contractor is someone who […]

hidden costs you need to know when hiring international employees
Hidden Employment Costs You Must Evaluate Before Hiring International Employees

A question that many businesses ask themselves is how easy it is to expand to an international level and what are the difficulties that they might face during the process. Many companies have motives for expansion, which might vary, and the potential benefits are usually pretty straightforward. The range of taking advantage of new and […]

Independent Contractor
Indian Labor Law: How To Tackle Employee Misclassification

In the last few years, Remote work has exploded beyond anybody’s imagination. With this upsurge, many people have delved into acquiring skills that enable them to provide services for multiple organizations on their terms (freelancing). This upsurge has also led to creating a new career path that Quartz has referred to as ‘Portfolioism.’ As a […]

India New Labor Laws - Industrial Relations, Social Security
Analyzing the Impact of New Labor Code for the Indian Labor Force

As per the latest CEIC data, India’s labor force participation rate dropped to 46.3% in 2020 from 49.3% in 2019. For a 500 million-strong labor force, the ruling government has implemented a new labor code that aims to overturn how Indian labor is administered radically.  The new codes have consolidated and codified 29 national-level laws. […]

Brexit Immigration Policy
Brexit Aftermath: The UK’s New Immigration System For EU Citizens

Are you a European citizen looking for employment opportunities in the United Kingdom? Are you aware of the new immigration rules for the European citizens post UK’s exit from the European Union? Here’s your answer! The United Kingdom had made an official exit from the European Union on January 31, 2020. However, both parties decided […]

IR 35 rules and regulations
IR35: Everything You Need To Know About UK’s New Tax Laws

New IR35 rules or the ‘off-payroll working rules will be introduced in April 2021 in the United Kingdom — legislation to make the contract workers pay the right amount of income tax and national insurance.  IR35 rules are designed to catch ‘disguised employees’ and ask them to pay tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). ‘Disguised […]

Employment in Sri Lanka
The Sri Lanka Guide: Employment Laws, Taxes, And Benefits

Sri Lanka is a mixed economy in which both the private and the state sectors engage. Foreign investments are encouraged, and several free zones have been established. Its economy is based on agriculture and services and endowed with natural resources. Sri Lankan imports include petroleum, consumables, machinery, capital equipment, and motor vehicles and its exports […]

Employment in Myanmar
The Myanmar Guide: Employment Laws, Taxes, And Benefits

Myanmar has been experiencing rapid growth since it opened up in the 2000s, with its GDP growth rate among the highest in Asia. Since 2011, the government has initiated economic reforms to attract foreign investment and reintegration into the global economy.  The country’s abundant natural resources and young workforce can attract foreign investment in various […]

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