Difference between PEO and EOR
Global Team Expansion: PEO v/s EOR, Which Is Better For Your Business?

When an organization grows in size, innumerable HR challenges come to the forefront. It is difficult for the staff members to handle payroll. They have to struggle with providing competitive benefits to attract the right talent within the organization. And it isn’t easy to cope with the dynamic compliance regulations. That is when the role […]

How to choose a global Employer of Record
5 Things To Consider Before You Select A Global Employer Of Record

With the ever-increasing pace of globalization, outsourcing, going global, and expanding businesses into different geographies have become a lot easier. For growing companies and emerging businesses, going global is a significant commitment to disrupt existing business activities. Hence, it is imperative to weigh all the possibilities and the stakes while setting up a legal entity […]

Benefits of hiring international employees
Why You Should Hire A Global Workforce: Key Benefits

Reports suggest that 72.8% of employers face a hard time finding the right employee, and 45% of employers have concerns regarding hiring talent with mandatory work skills.  Due to the multiple challenges of finding the best-suited resource for a role, there are many benefits of expanding employee search criteria horizons. Giving preference to skills over […]

How an Employer of Record works
Hire Global Teams Through An Employer Of Record To Save Time & Cost

An Employer of Record is an organization or a company legally responsible for successfully extending your business using timely and cost-efficient methodologies. It is a third-party organization that provides a vast range of services, including payroll, taxations and IT returns, insurance, employee visa, providing employment benefits, and other activities concerning human resources. When you hire […]

How to choose right Employer of Record
How To Choose The Right Employer Of Record (EOR) For Your Business?

The pandemic has brought dramatic changes in the work structure and has forced companies to adapt to different operation strategies. While hiring and managing globally distributed teams have always been difficult for multinational organizations, it will become a bigger challenge in the post COVID world. Cross-functional, diverse, and globally distributed teams will be the new […]

Global entity establishment
Hidden Challenges and Costs Associated With Global Entity Establishment

Setting up an establishment anywhere in the world brings many challenges. Different states will pose a different set of rules and regulations. Some may be unique to some countries. For the successful establishment of your global entity, you have to overcome many hurdles. Challenges of Global Entity Establishment Culture The most critical factor in setting […]

Hire talent in South East Asia
Hire Talent In South-East Asia Before Your Competitor

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the daily work life of all employers and employees across the globe. You also must have had your fair share of video and audio calls. You must have also invested in getting an ergonomic home office setup, and you might be choosing not to wear business […]

Employer of Record vs International Staff Agency
Employer of Record or International Staff Agency: Which is better?

The gains of an organization’s expansion into new territories are numerous. Revenue generations, exposure to foreign investments, diversification of the organization’s market, and the appeal of rendering services to different people globally are some of the attractive benefits of going international. Ideally, every organization strives to be a global market leader and exert its dominance […]

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