All Remote Event By Skuad

All Remote is a 3-day virtual event to explore the latest trends, strategies and frameworks to drive the transformation needed to be remote work champions, reinforced by geographical diversity and inclusion. Our speakers will provide actionable insights to become remote work culture allies, empowering you with best practices to seamlessly transition into efficient distributed teams. […]

Getting Angel Investors Onboard with Remote Setups
Getting Angel Investors Onboard with Remote Setups

To get anybody onboard your ship, you need first to assure them it won’t sink. In order to do that, you first demonstrate that the ship is well built and structurally sound. Second, you convince them that you have checked all the forecasts, and the forces of nature appear to be on your side. Finally, […]

India New Labor Laws - Industrial Relations, Social Security
Analyzing the Impact of New Labor Code for the Indian Labor Force

As per the latest CEIC data, India’s labor force participation rate dropped to 46.3% in 2020 from 49.3% in 2019. For a 500 million-strong labor force, the ruling government has implemented a new labor code that aims to overturn how Indian labor is administered radically.  The new codes have consolidated and codified 29 national-level laws. […]

Decoding Different Remote Setups: Hybrid, Split And Fully Remote Teams

Since the inception of Digital Technologies, technological transformations have surged in almost every sector. Technology has enabled high productivity in this new normal; now, there’s been a high level of digital progress because of the ongoing pandemic. By embracing collaboration technologies, employees can work from anywhere seamlessly. The companies are forced to consider different remote […]

Advantages of full-time employees and freelancers
Deciding between Full Time Employees and Freelancers – Challenges in Hiring

Running a company comes with its own set of celebratory moments and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is hiring the right team. After all, it is the teamwork that determines your success story. The next question that arises is whether to hire freelancers or full-time employees. They each come with their own sets of […]

Remote Workers
55 Terms All Remote Workers Must Know With Definitions

Like every group or community has a unique set of slang and jargon, so does the remote working tribe. Whether you just joined the remote bandwagon or have been its loyal driver, here is a compilation of some formal, some short-hand, some abbreviations, and some portmanteau terms. This ultimate remote work glossary will help you […]

Digital Nomad Visa
Countries That Offer A Digital Nomad Visa To Remote Workers

There was a time when all the workplaces had physical locations. Employees generally commute to work daily and work on projects with team members. Fast forward a few years, and the definition of ‘workplace’ has changed.  Professionals are no longer restricted to a physical workspace as more and more companies are allowing their staff to […]

How to prepare for remote emergencies
How To Prepare For Remote Emergencies And Tips To Prevent Them

Almost every working professional has now experienced some form of remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But working styles and habits that were in place for decades are not easy to change. It’s more straightforward at the individual level, but what about the organization as a whole? Like in an office setting, the organization […]

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