Top countries to hire tech talent
15 Countries Companies Should Target For Hiring Their Next Tech Talent

One of the best things to emerge out of COVID 19’s impact on global business is the rise of remote work culture. Though most tech industry leaders from Silicon Valley had been pioneers of adopting remote working to fulfill their targets through the acquisition of global talent, now the whole world has warmed up to […]

How to hire an iOS developer
How to Hire An iOS Developer

While building a mobile application for your business, the fight between iOS and Android is very real. Everything depends on the user base. Here, the question of the user base arises because an iOS developer must understand the behavioural and engagement traits of the iOS users to make an application that works.  Not one but […]

Q & A: Ankit Verma on his beginnings with Skuad, building apps and Kpop

He may not be good at video games but he can surely test your wits in chess. Meet Ankit Verma, a computer science graduate and the latest Full Stack developer at Skuad. A die-hard foodie, all Ankit needs is a laptop with an internet connection, and he will channelise all his energy in creating applications […]

Here’s why Meerim Zhanuzakova loves her QA job, Kyrgyzstan & Comics

Meerim Zhanuzakova loves to start her day with swimming, gym and a bit of makeup. She is as colourful as her hair. And if possible, she would like to be immortal. Working as a remote part time QA Engineer, Meerim shares her advice, love for comics and nature, and what hard work means for her. […]

How to hire an android developer
How To Hire An Android Developer

To hire an android developer, how would you judge your candidate? Will you ask him/her to create an app as a part of the interview round? Or will you give them a task to find the bugs in your app?   What is that one thing that you must do to identify that this is the […]

Intern Diaries with Rahul Agrawal: A Geologist Who Codes

Just when you thought we only introduce our full-time team members to the world, we decided to break away from the norm and introduce our overachiever intern: Rahul Agrawal. A self-taught coder, Rahul truly exhibits that one can achieve anything with hard work and determination. Read on to uncover his motivation triggers, remote-work experience, future […]

Remote Frontend Developer
Remote Frontend Developer From Iran: Pooria Khodaveissi

Our next talent is ambitious about people. He comes to work every day with a wide smile and a sweet jar of compliments. He is philosophical but measures enough reality. Meet our remote frontend developer from Iran – Pooria Khodaveissi. Hi Pooria, tell us about your background and how you landed up at Skuad. Hello! […]

Bhavika ui/ux designer
Meet Bhavika Sharma, A Full Time UI/UX Designer And Leisure Time Biker

With sparkle and a sense of wonder in her eyes, Bhavika Sharma is an unstoppable force. She is multi-talented, curious, and always looking for ways to upskill herself. Her work discipline and professional ethics have already made her a very dependable colleague at Skuad. In her free time, she is busy dreaming of riding a […]

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