Remote Full Stack Consultant
Talent Tuesday: Soumya Mangaraj

With the dream of becoming a superlative Software Architect, a fresh talent has joined Skuad with excitement and energy! Soumya Mangaraj, the man with a computer brain and a cotton heart is an enthusiastic Full Stack Consultant. As our pick for this week’s Talent Tuesday feature, Soumya shares his experience with Skuad and talks about remote working. How has […]

Freelancing In India
9 Things To Know Before You Start Freelancing In India

Freelancing has come a long way from being a side hustle to the most preferred type of employment. The freelance economy in India is part of the wider structure known as the gig economy. The task-specific and on-demand nature of work is the most attractive USP for both the parties involved. Apart from freelancers, the […]

Remote QA Engineer
Talent Tuesday: Irfan Rafik Mattikop

Emerging from the fallacies of the pandemic, we at Skuad are welcoming new talent with open arms! To kickstart our weekly welcome of fresh recruits, we have a super enthusiastic and always high on energy, Irfan Rafik Mattikop. A QA savvy with 7 years of experience, Irfan shares his first impression about us! What made […]

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