How Skuad helped CACTUS streamline its mobility process.

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Company Size

Founding Year

Scientific Research


5,000 Employees


Skuad partner since 2021

CACTUS is a pioneer in the research impact and technology solutions space. Their initiatives, services and platforms are designed to empower key players in knowledge creation, communication, dissemination and promotion. Their aim is to advance society by making science accessible globally through innovation and technology.


CACTUS has been in operation for 20 years with presence in over 15 countries worldwide. Mobility is critical for CACTUS — not only do they hire remotely but their employees also relocate to countries of their choice.


In early 2021, we were building global remote teams and we needed a partner to help fulfil our employment and mobility requirements.

Skuad’s Solution

CACTUS approached Skuad and immediately liked what we could offer to them as an end-to-end package — hire, onboard, manage, pay and shield. Their stakeholders were quite appreciative of the simplicity and value of our offerings:

• Transparency around costs (both mobility and employment)
• Dedicated customer service managers (CSMs) for smooth operations


Hired full-time employees compliantly

Through Skuad’s all-in-one platform CACTUS has hired 5 full-time employees till date.

Managed work-permits & mobility

Skuad helped manage work-permits and documentation for employees in Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Your next hire could be anywhere, don’t let the borders stop you.

Pay a flat, transparent price per-person-per-country, whenever and wherever you hire.

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