How Skuad helped IDH stay fully compliant in the new markets.

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Company Size

Founding Year

Not for profit

Utrecht, Netherlands

200 Employees


Skuad partnership since 2021

Together with partners, IDH designs, co-funds and prototypes new economically viable approaches to realize green and inclusive growth at scale. IDH is supported by multiple European governments. The organization works with over 500 companies across 12 sectors and with over 400 governments worldwide.


IDH is a global NGO with presence in 10+ countries. They hire remotely in developing regions, especially Africa, Asia and Latin America. They were looking for a global provider that could manage compliance nuances in the countries they were hiring in.


We work in multiple sectors and landscapes in Africa, Asia and LatinAm with over 600 companies. We wanted to partner with a global provider to manage local compliance in some countries.

Skuad’s Solution

Skuad with its headquaers in Singapore and global presence was well positioned to handle the compliance landscape. We have in-depth experience in handling some of the most complex issues around compliance in African regions, including Chad, Cameroon and Gabon.


Onboarded talent across Africa, Europe and USA

Skuad has helped IDH onboard team members in Cameroon, Chad, Italy, and USA in less than a year.

Exponential growth in Africa headcount

IDH plans to end the year (2022) with 15 onboardings, increasing their footprint in Africa.

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