Coding, Compassion & Colours: Decoding Our Full Stack Developer Komal Bansal

Skuad’s Full Stack Developer Komal Bansal is a brilliant combination of coding, colours and creativity. A resolute artist and a passionate social worker, who always carries her laptop and paint brushes, Komal is very health-conscious but loves spicy food. Ever-ready to work and paint, she shares her experience with Skuad in the last five months. She talks about remote working, work-life balance, colour psychology, and more!

Is this your first remote working experience? How has it impacted your life and what are your takeaways from it?

Umm..I did freelancing for 6 months before joining Skuad. But yes this is my first time as a full-time remote worker. I had a topsy-turvy start, trying to strike a work-life balance. In the office, there is a closure at the end of the day when we close our laptops. All these things are difficult to balance in a remote working setup. One takes time in understanding, planning and getting used to the remote work style. Now that I have gotten familiar with it, I see the benefits of working remotely. For starters, I save so much time in travel! This gives me more hours of play and paint. I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. And the best part, I don’t have to get ready before starting work. Such a win-win situation!

I understand that everyone is trying to figure out how to manoeuvre around this pandemic. I think everyone should take care of their health and build immunity. Another thing is maintaining a work life balance. Earlier, I used to work for 15-16 hours a day that would leave me with minimum time to just catch on my sleep. Slowly, I am trying to change that.

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Popular media projects how ‘technology’ still remains a male-dominated field. Is that a myth or a reality?

Popular media does portray a male majority in the IT sector and tech field, but domination by a certain gender is a myth. From my experience as a full stack developer, I can vouch that there is an equal representation. As long as a person is driven to excel in any field, they will do great. In my college also, most of the top coders were females. I am a woman and I prefer the backend over the frontend. So yeah, times have changed, people have more will to succeed, invent and explore, hence gender stands irrelevant. 

How have your interactions with the team been so far? Are you waiting to get back to the office and meet them?

My experience with the team at Skuad is nothing short of amazing. Special kudos to my Team Lead, Akul. He is someone I really look up to. With a handsome experience in the field of full stack development, he has a lot to offer. In fact, the entire team comes with an “It’s okay to not know things” attitude. This motivates me to learn more and give my best. Whenever I come across an unfamiliar tech stack, they say, “You don’t know it now, you’ll learn it later”. And honestly, I have learned more technologies in these 5 months than I did in 2 years. Now I can flaunt my learnings of Kafka, Docker, Pipeline, JS Frameworks like Nift.js, and experience in Microservices. I am hell excited to meet everyone in person!

Considering you are an artist, what is your favourite colour and how does that make you feel?

As an artist, I can’t pick a favourite colour. It’s like every colour brings me joy. I see beauty is browns and greys when most people associate them with dullness and isolation so it’s all psychological. My happiness quotient isn’t defined by shades of colours, but how they blend to give shape to an eye-soothing art.

How do your friends and family describe you? Is it very different from what your peers perceive you to be?

I am very uptight when it comes to completing my work. If I have a deadline to meet, I kind of get into a mode as if I am about to enter into a war zone – focussed and determined to finish it off in record time. I like to deliver things as per the plan that I lay out. Even in my me-time, I get into the DND zone especially when I am painting. In those hours, I don’t like interventions from family, friends, or anyone. 

Professionally I appear to be a calm, shy, and an introvert kind of a person. In my personal life, I am the exact opposite. I am loud, I want things to be “my way”. And I don’t have to do anything to maintain the two facets, the modes switch ON-OFF quite naturally.

Glad to have you in our ‘Skuad’

Komal, we are sure that an enthusiastic and artistic Full Stack Developer like you will definitely bring some new experiences and will bill perfectly in our Backend team. It’s great to have you with us. Cheers!

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