Humans acquire knowledge from prior experiences, which is what became the foundation for Machine Learning (ML). It is a contemporary idea of education that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has steadily gained favor among large corporations and startups. This article will assist startup owners in incorporating machine learning into their businesses, as well as how and where to hire deep learning developers.

Machine learning seems extremely complicated and continues to intimidate ambitious non-technical startup business founders. However, this contemporary idea of education has already permeated our daily lives without our knowledge. Consider how Facebook developed facial recognition, recommending that you tag your pals whenever you submit a photo.

As a result, machine learning is fairly simple to comprehend from the user's standpoint. However, growth is a different matter. Machine learning developers create software that allows computers to learn from their previous data, examples, and patterns without having to design them explicitly.

Indeed, it is not only education. Machine learning is the process of a machine comprehending, listening to, and learning from human inputs. And to create these systems, it's critical to understand the main characteristics of a machine learning developer.

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Development Technologies

Machine learning developers learning software are experts in putting data products into production. They must possess advanced knowledge of software architecture and design. Additionally, they are conversant with concerns such as logging and security. Also perhaps most importantly, they must ensure that all code is maintainable and scalable.

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

Given that machine learning engineers work in a variety of languages while developing machine learning algorithms, it is only natural to emphasize different languages when recruiting such expertise.

Python is the most popular programming language among artificial intelligence developers, according to a Towards Data Science study report, with a 57 percent market share. According to the poll, the following are the top five most often used computer languages in machine learning:

Python for AI

Python outperforms its competitors due to its ease and flexibility in expanding machine learning/artificial intelligence projects. Python developers skilled in machine learning and deep learning Python frameworks such as TensorFlow are hard to come by.


Developers are required for engineering projects that need low-level programming but also require advanced AI frameworks. Seek out developers that are competent in maximizing C/high C++'s performance and efficiency.

R programming language

This language is well-suited for statistical and analytical tasks. If you're working on biomedical engineering projects, R is the best choice. Employ R developers that excel in both areas - statistical principles and visualization.

Java ERP

Hire Java engineers if your new firm is interested in machine learning and ERP solutions. Java is also well-suited for applications involving network security and fraud detection. Hire Java engineers who are knowledgeable about the current Java release's important features and its place in the Big Data stack.

Web visualization

Creating a website for your business is important, and JavaScript is an excellent choice if you're interested in developing web applications that use machine learning APIs. Hire JavaScript engineers capable of visualizing machine learning algorithms on a web-based platform.

Soft Skills

While technical abilities are critical, soft skills are just as important for machine learning developers to advance professionally.

  • Developers of machine learning systems should communicate in both written and spoken form. They should effectively communicate machine learning principles to non-technical audiences through effective communication (e.g., business owners).
  • Effective teamwork results in a productive and enjoyable work environment. Additionally, machine learning engineers must cooperate and contribute to the development of high-quality systems with other team members (e.g., project managers, designers, testers, and other software developers).
  • Developers of machine learning systems must always be mindful of their time. They must be able to assign a precise amount of time to a given activity. They must understand how to create a plan that includes a task description and an anticipated completion time. Above all, they understand how to manage their time effectively in a real-world setting.
  • Leadership is not reserved for people at the top of the corporate environment. Machine learning developers must build and practice leadership characteristics regularly.
  • Due to the intricacy of this subject, machine learning developers are diligent. However, being diligent is insufficient to build sound work ethics. Look for developers who are devoted to their craft, disciplined, and visionary. Most importantly, seek talent that understands the need for a healthy work-life balance.

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Development Industries for Machine Learning Developers

Through customer support automation, telecommunications AI and machine learning may improve 24/7 engagement and resolution. Machine learning is used to develop a 24/7 customer care chatbot.

You may recruit engineers that are well-versed in machine learning techniques and who can detect fault models based on historical data, such as network log and service ticket data. Additionally, pick developers with expertise developing chatbots, since this enables company owners to swiftly and effectively resolve connection and customer service difficulties.

AI in Healthcare

Nowadays, robots and algorithms can analyze imaging data in a manner comparable to that of a highly skilled radiologist or pathologist. If you run an online health care firm, machine learning enables you to address the key issues in the healthcare industry.

The reason for this is that highly qualified radiologists and pathologists are becoming increasingly scarce.

Physical Protection

Facial recognition is a high-demand technology in the field of AI-powered physical security. If your firm is in physical security, you can engage machine learning engineers that are proficient with face recognition technologies.

They must have prior expertise monitoring for individuals on watch lists and effectively verifying IDs in real-time. They collaborate with database management specialists to leverage facial databases in conjunction with other data sources, such as video-captured behavior patterns.

Data Prediction

Predictive maintenance is a deliberate strategic choice. For instance, if you are an online stockbroker and your website frequently fails, you are producing dissatisfied consumers.

This is where machine learning comes into play since it is capable of detecting abnormalities and failing patterns and issuing early warnings. Employ developers that are proficient at web application development and are knowledgeable about exact maintenance plans.

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Methods that Deep Learning Developers Use

Indeed, machine learning is the study of how machines learn to comprehend and respond properly to situations. Numerous machine learning techniques are used in this field of study. It is critical, then, to recruit machine learning specialists who are proficient in the following machine learning techniques:

Supervised machine learning algorithms

This algorithm utilizes input and output. The computer is given input and is expected to produce an output. The computer is then provided the input along with feedback throughout the training process.

Unsupervised machine learning algorithm

As the name indicates, no training is provided. As a result, computers are left to locate the output on their own. The majority of unsupervised algorithms are used on transactional data. It is utilized in more complicated tasks and is frequently used in conjunction with deep learning to reach conclusions.

Decision-making is aided by machine learning. The primary objective of deep learning developers is to create intelligent programs capable of thinking and acting like humans.

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Required Expertise

Requirements - hard skills

  • Experience with libraries such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, Darknet, Caffe, and other AI libraries
  • Excellent programming expertise in C, C++, and Python
  • Identify right open source tools to deliver product features by performing research, POC/Pilot, and/or interacting with various open-source forums
  • Experience in python is essential with detailed command over major libraries - Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, etc.
  • Fair understanding of conventional machine learning techniques and algorithms, such as KNN, K-means, SVM, Random Forests, and others
  • Experience with ML, DL frameworks (such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, XGBoost, Keras, and more)
  • Statistics Knowledge Like Hypothesis, Data Analysis, Probability, etc.
  • Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised 
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks or Deep Learning
  • Proficient in Deep Learning Architectures/Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Working knowledge of Adversarial Learning
  • Proficient in Image Processing and Computer Vision algorithms
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks (like Tensorflow or PyTorch)
  • Familiarity with GPU/CUDA infrastructure
  • Deep knowledge of maths, probability, statistics, and algorithms
  • Understanding of data structures, data modeling, and software architecture

Requirements - soft skills/others

  • The capability of basic excel usage is good to have
  • Should have the capability to explain the models to sales and business analyst teams
  • Understanding of HAVC and electrical systems is desirable
  • Experience in working with time-series data is required
  • Ability to understand, develop and implement algorithms
  • Ability to work with software libraries and drivers
  • Experience with version control systems is a plus
  • Model optimization and tuning
  • Knowledge of and experience in ML Ops and tooling would be a welcome addition

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Salary Structure

Deep Learning Developers get a range of salaries depending on their role. It ranges between $96,500 and $118,875 each year, according to market research. Salary is decided by the job title, location, and experience of an individual.

Final Words

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