Fasttrack your startup's growth with Skuad

Skuad enables startups to hire talent and grow globally. Our platform automates onboarding, simplifies global payments and manages all local compliance.

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Expand globally without setting up local entities

Global hiring is an efficient way for startups to grow faster. With Skuad's global employment and payroll platform, you can hire, onboard and pay anyone, anywhere — easily.

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Build an exceptional remote team for your startup

Employ world-class talent anywhere, in minutes

best talent

Hire the best talent for your team in 160+ countries without setting up entities.

flexible hiring

Enjoy flexible hiring for your global teams, as per your project's requirements.

get access

Get access to diverse talent and stay ahead of competitors in new markets across borders.

Digitally onboard new hires in minutes
Streamline payments for your global team

Stay compliant around the world

get compliance

Get compliance right with Skuad and avoid legal risks anywhere in the world.


Create and send contracts that are compliant with local employment laws in 160+ countries.

collect taxes

Collect mandatory taxes, documents and permits to avoid lawsuits, fines and penalties.

Pay your entire team in one click

global payroll

Automate global payroll for your team in minutes. Manage taxes and deductions from a single platform.

save hours

Save hours of admin by generating payslips and invoices on Skuad's global payroll platform.

manage local benefits

Efficiently manage local benefits, pension and taxes, wherever you hire.

Digitally onboard new hires in minutes
Streamline payments for your global team

Gain credibility and boost your employer brand

maximum visiblity

Enjoy maximum visibility, attract top talent and drive global brand growth with Skuad

track leave

Access the dashboard to track leave status, payments, expenses and more for your global teams


Provide 24/7 expert support, flexible payment options and other simplified processes to your workforce.

Skuad is the best solution to hire and expand globally.

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