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Our Mission

Skuad’s mission is to create Remote Jobs and democratize talent and opportunities globally. We do this with our Global HR Platform that can be used by companies to hire exceptional remote talent as contractors as well as full-time employees while we take care of their onboarding, payroll, compliances and benefits.

Skuad Helps Organizations Worldwide

  • Build exceptional Remote Teams
  • Hire contractors or full-time employees globally
  • Onboard/off-board a remote employee
  • Manage Payroll, Compliances & Benefits
  • Manage all SaaS tools for global teams

Skuad is a Global Employment Platform


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Meet Our Team

Teamwork is at the heart of Skuad and we are proud of how diverse our team members are. Each one of us contributes in Skuad’s global quest in our unique way. Focussed and determined on our mission, Skuad is led by the able leadership & vision of our co-founders.

Ellipse 25

Sundeep Sahi

Over 20 years in the industry with executive roles in product, analytics and technology across startups and enterprises. Co-founded Indifi, worked at Microsoft, headed Wynk product to mention a few. Holds 3 patents in Distributed Applications. Adept at building and managing large distributed teams spanned across North America, Europe, India and Australia. Lives in Gurgaon, India with his wife and son.

Naman Singhal

CEO @ App Street from 2010. Brains behind technology and products built by App Street ever since. Had an offer from Google but instead founded App Street. Built photo app that reached top of App Store above Instagram, multi player gaming apps and other B2C and B2B mobile apps. Lives in Gurgaon, India with his wife and daughter. 

Dave Fall

A seasoned adtech and martech veteran with over two decades of experience in executive roles. An expert product manager and ex-CEO of Brand Networks Inc. Prior to this, worked at Tapad, Clickable, Google, DoubleClick. Adept at building and scaling organisations and creating immense enterprise value. Lives with his wife and three kids in New Jersey, USA.

Building distributed teams is highly complex and with our experience of building and managing globally distributed teams in the past, we really understand this pain. With Skuad, we are on a mission to help companies hire talent quickly anywhere in the world while opening up amazing opportunities for talent to realize their dreams to work for startups as well global companies even if they are not geographically co-located.

Sundeep Sahi

CEO & Co-founder of Skuad

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