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Automate background checks and verification with Skuad

Determine if candidates are a good fit for your company. Skuad saves you time and reduces your workload by performing background checks for you.

How it works

Run compliant checks globally with Skuad's simple, secure background check process.


Request a background verification

Speak to our experts about the background checks you want and let us take care of the rest.


We'll gather the information

We'll run the required checks and verify information, while staying compliant with data privacy laws.


Get the results

Know the outcome to the background checks in real time and mitigate hirings risks when hiring abroad.


Hire globally with confidence

Make your hiring secure and reliable with Skuad's thorough background checks.


Background checks at your fingertips

Skuad conducts extensive background checks, ensuring your candidates meet verification requirements.

Professional Reference Check

Professional reference check

Previous & Current Employment Verification

Previous & current employment verification

Global Regulatory Compliance Check

Global regulatory compliance check

Education Verification Check

Education verification check

Identity verification Address and National

Identity verification

and more...

and more...


Unlock an infinite talent pool with Skuad

Skuad lets you tap into a world of talent, providing the tools and knowledge to hire confidently and compliantly in over 160 countries.

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Experience the Skuad difference

Transform your global employment journey with customized, efficient, and trustworthy solutions.


Hidden fees - no surprises

High-quality, affordable global employment services that won't break the bank.


Countries covered

Owned entities, presence and expertise across APAC, MEA, Europe and The Americas.


Currencies for payroll

Pay your team in their currency of choice - all you need to do is make one bulk payment.


Dedicated support

Reliable employer and employee account managers, no matter the timezone.

Frequently asked questions

What is Skuad and how does it work?

Skuad is a unified global HR and payroll platform. With a presence in over 160 other countries, Skuad enables seamless global employment and expansion for companies looking to set up and manage globally distributed teams.

What is a global background check?

A global background check verifies a candidate's criminal record, employment history, and education across countries, ensuring they meet employment standards and reducing hiring risks for businesses expanding their international workforce.

How to do an international background check?

To conduct an international background check, follow these steps:

  • Gather candidate consent
  • Verify personal identification
  • Check international criminal records
  • Confirm employment history
  • Validate educational credentials.

When you partner with Skuad as your Employer of Record, we streamline this process, leveraging our expertise to ensure thorough and compliant background checks globally.

Should employers do international background checks?

Yes, employers should perform international background checks to ensure the credibility of their global hires. They are crucial for verifying candidates' backgrounds, maintaining workplace safety and aligning with regulatory compliance. These checks also help mitigate risks and ensure a trustworthy international team.

Skuad's expertise in global employment can assist in conducting these vital checks efficiently.

Are international background checks compliant with data protection laws?

International background checks should follow data protection laws, ensuring that the privacy and security of candidate information are upheld throughout the process.

Skuad's commitment to compliance protects both your business and the individuals you're looking to hire, maintaining high standards of data confidentiality and integrity in your global hiring practices.

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