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Skuad's unified platform streamlines your international hiring, payroll, and HR operations. Hire effortlessly in 160+ countries and ensure full compliance.
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Trusted by global leaders across industries

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Employing globally is painful.
Not with Skuad!

Hire in 160+countries

Hire in 160+

Pay in 100+ currencies

Pay in 100+

Get 24x7 expert support

Get 24x5
expert support

Experience sameday onboarding

Experience same
day onboarding


Calculate the cost to hire an employee in a new country


      Want a detailed breakdown for cost of employment in “country”?

      Cost to hire talent in

      Hire and pay whoever you want, anywhere in the world.



      Starts at $199
      Hire employees in a new country in minutes, without setting up subsidiaries. Automate onboarding, cross-border payroll and compliance on Skuad's unified platform.
      Hire full-time employees globally


      Starts at $19
      Partner with Skuad to onboard, manage and pay contractors anywhere in the world. Manage invoices, payouts and tax filings compliantly.
      Hire contractors worldwide


      Digitally onboard new hires in minutes

      From Argentina to Vietnam, enjoy compliant onboarding for your remote talent with our turnkey solution that allows a great onboarding experience in 160+ countries.

      • Calculate cost to hire

      • Send locally compliant contracts

      • Collect relevant documents

      • Issue work devices

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      Digitally onboard new hires in minutesDigitally onboard newhires in minutes
      Streamline payments for your global teamStreamline payments for your global team


      Streamline payments for your global team

      Pay your contractors and employees on time and in their currency of choice with optimal exchange rates. Manage payments, taxes, deductions and payslips for your remote team from a single platform.

      100 +



      Onboarding Fee

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      Put compliance on auto-pilot

      Skuad is compliant with local employment laws, country-specific taxes and audit readiness, so you avoid all legal risks and fines. We simplify legal complexities and guide you through the statutory requirements of building teams in 160+ countries.

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      Put compliance on auto-pilot
      Offer benefits that your employees will love


      Offer benefits that your employees will love

      Take care of your team with country-specific benefits packages. Provide relevant benefits in 160+ countries to keep your team healthy and motivated.

      • Medical

      • Dental

      • Vision

      • Pension

      • Paid Time Off

      • Reimbursements

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      Expert support, whenever and wherever you need it.

      Global People Ops Partner

      Managing a globally distributed team can be challenging, but Skuad has you covered. Design your talent requirements, streamline virtual onboarding, understand local employment and strategize people management with Skuad's people ops experts. Skuad partners with you at every step of your global employee and contractor lifecycle.

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      Talent Discovery Partner

      Find exceptional talent without letting the challenges of remote hiring get in the way. Whether you are looking for employees or contractors, our talent experts work with you to source the best global talent. Simplify every aspect of talent discovery and recruitment with Skuad's global employment infrastructure.

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      Akanksha Jagwani

      Akanksha Jagwani

      CEO, SixSense


      Skuad enabled us to build our remote team in India and scale our team by 3x without the hassles of incorporation, payroll and benefits management. They have an intuitive platform and the support team is very responsive.

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      Jon Santavy

      Jon Santavy

      Managing Partner, Simwell


      Skuad has been a game-changer for us, completely transforming the way we manage our global team. Skuad’s digital onboarding has made our international payments as easy as our domestic ones. Payroll management that used to take hours is now error-free and takes just a few minutes.

      Avlino logo
      Joana Portelo

      Joana Portelo

      Global HR Coordinator, Avlino


      With employees spread across continents, Avlino needed to onboard talent quickly and run international payroll for them. With Skuad, we have the support and guidance that we need - an easy payroll cycle and centralized management of our global talent. Skuad's platform has provided us with consistency through our dynamic growth.

      Ivan Nikolas Tambunan

      Ivan Nikolas Tambunan

      Co-Founder and CEO, Akselearn


      When we started hiring in India, we had trouble finding tech talent that met our requirements. Skuad made getting the right talent hassle-free for us. They have a great team that listens intently and responds quickly. We have had an excellent experience so far and hope for the same in the future.

      Fize logo

      Chunzhao Zheng

      Co-Founder, Fize


      We work with full-time employees and contractors outside the USA. Before Skuad, running global payroll and staying compliant used to be a huge headache. Skuad simplified every aspect of global hiring for us. The team has gone above and beyond to support us with all our requests and queries.

      Rashmi Tripathi

      Rashmi Tripathi

      Business Support Manager, Snaphunt


      Hiring anyone outside Singapore used to be an ordeal for us. This changed when we partnered with Skuad. We no longer spend our time worrying about international payroll and local compliance. Skuad has simplified remote team management for us and has been important to our growth across borders.

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      All testimonials, reviews, opinions or case studies presented on our website may not be indicative of all customers. Results may vary.

      Your liability is our liability

      From employment laws to codes on wages, Skuad ensures that you fit perfectly well in country-specific compliance to mitigate risks and avoid fines, globally.

      Your liability is our liability

      Ironclad IP agreements

      Protect and retain the ownership of your copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secrets globally. Secure exclusive rights to keep your creations in-house and shield your business against IP loss and damage.

      Automated tax compliance

      Skuad takes care of tax filings, social contributions and more. We deduct the right amount for taxes, pensions and any other fees mandated by the local government.

      Reliable data security

      Skuad is compliant with global security requirements; including SOC. Our up-to-date compliance infrastructure protects your confidential information, sensitive employee data and more.

      Skuad is the best solution to hire and expand globally.

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