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Stay compliant with labor laws wherever you hire

Skuad ensures that you're on the right side of compliance, safeguarding your business operations worldwide.

Trusted by global leaders across industries

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Designed to protect your business everywhere

Hiring internationally is tricky. Each country has different compliance requirements. We make your life easier. Here’s how.



Create, send and sign 100% legal-reviewed employment contracts. We make global document management a breeze.
Payroll & taxes

Payroll & taxes

Our in-house payroll team takes care of wage requirements, local taxes, withholdings, deductions, payroll accuracy, and more.


We ensure you provide locally compliant benefits packages to attract and retain the best local talent in every country.
IP protection

IP protection

Retain copyright, trademarks and exclusive rights to your work with ironclad IP protection and transfer process.
Bulletproof data security

Bulletproof data security

Skuad complies with international standards to ensure security, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.
Contractor classification

Contractor classification

Our IC compliance experts correctly classify your employees and contractors, keeping misclassification risk in check.

Meet all statutory requirements with Skuad's platform

Our platform automatically flags country-specific statutory requirements for your new hires, so you always know what's coming next.

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Experience the Skuad difference

Transform your global employment journey with customized, efficient, and trustworthy solutions.


Hidden fees - no surprises

High-quality, affordable global employment services that won't break the bank.


Countries covered

Owned entities, presence and expertise across APAC, MEA, Europe and The Americas.


Currencies for payroll

Pay your team in their currency of choice - all you need to do is make one bulk payment.


Dedicated support

Reliable employer and employee account managers, no matter the timezone.

Frequently asked questions

What is Skuad and how does it work?

Skuad is a unified global HR and payroll platform. With a presence in over 160 other countries, Skuad enables seamless global employment and expansion for companies looking to set up and manage globally distributed teams.

What is global HR compliance?

Global HR compliance ensures adherence to international labor laws, employment standards, and workplace regulations, enabling businesses to legally and ethically manage their workforce across different countries while mitigating legal risks and maintaining workplace equity.

What risks are associated with non-compliance in international hiring?

Non-compliance in international hiring can lead to significant risks like legal fines, sanctions, operational disruptions, damage to brand reputation and strained employee relations. It may also result in lawsuits, loss of business licenses and increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies.

Does Skuad handle payroll, benefits and tax compliance for international employees?

Yes, Skuad as your Employer of Record, takes care of payroll, benefits, and tax compliance for international employees and contractors, ensuring all legal requirements are met in every country. This service simplifies the complex aspects of global hiring for businesses, providing a seamless employment experience.

What is contractor classification, and how does Skuad manage it?

Contractor classification determines if workers are contractors or employees, affecting taxes and legal rules. Misclassifying them can cause legal problems.

Skuad helps correctly classify workers globally, avoiding these issues and ensuring correct handling of taxes and benefits.

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