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  • Pay your team on time and in the currency of their choice
  • Onboard contractors and sign contracting agreements instantly
  • Utilize our secure platform to seamlessly manage all contractor documents
  • Adhere to IC compliances and secure IP and invention rights through employment clauses
  • Track and approve contractor invoices for the exact number of hours worked real-time
  • Get live chat support to offer guidance every step of the way

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  • Hire international talent, let us manage local payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance
  • On-demand support for digitally onboarding multiple employees in one go
  • Dedicated customer success team to guide you through every aspect of global employment
  • Free consultations with our in-house People Ops and legal experts
  • Customized reporting, systems integrations, benefits, and payroll management


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Find exceptional talent without letting the challenges of remote hiring get in the way. Whether you are looking for employees or contractors, our talent experts work with you to source the best global talent. Simplify every aspect of talent discovery and recruitment with Skuad's global employment infrastructure.

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asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is the cost of hiring talent internationally without Skuad?

Hiring in another country requires you to establish a subsidiary, register it as an entity, open local bank accounts, stay up-to-date with local employment laws, hire local HR, legal, and payroll teams. This process could take months, if not years, and an investment of thousands of dollars.
Skuad does the heavy lifting, allowing you to employ full-time employees and contractors in 160+ countries without you having to manage any of the above challenges yourself. And, we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Why employ talent with Skuad?

When you partner with Skuad, you can forget about the months of bureaucratic hassles and thousands of dollars in investment to hire and manage talent aboard.
We've automated onboarding, payroll, compliance, and taxes in 150+ countries to make global hiring a painless process.
Our global employment infrastructure:

  • takes your talent swiftly from offer letter to onboarded by drafting locally compliant contracts in minutes
  • runs international payroll on auto-pilot
  • ensures continuous compliance to the ever-changing legal landscape
  • manages taxes, social contributions, statutory benefits in all geographies
How does employing through Skuad work?

Skuad has local partners and entities around the globe. Our global employment infrastructure enables us to employ your talent in 160+ countries. We manage onboarding, payroll, compliance, statutory benefits, taxes, social contributions, and more, for you through one unified platform.

Which countries can Skuad help me employ talent in?

With Skuad, you can compliantly hire, onboard, pay and manage full-time employees and contractors in 160+ countries.

Can I hire contractors through Skuad?

Absolutely. With Skuad, you can leverage the benefits of contractual employment.

It should be noted that companies risk fines when they misclassify talent as independent contractors rather than employees and vice versa. Rest assured your talent is properly classified when you partner with Skuad.

Does my company retain ownership over the intellectual property and inventions of my talent?

Yes, your company's IP rights and inventions are protected when you employ through Skuad. Talent engaged through Skuad sign a local employment contract that assigns all intellectual property to your company.

Can I trust Skuad with my organizational data and the privacy of my employees?

The privacy of your organizational and employee data is a top priority for us. Our sincere commitment towards GDPR and CCPA compliance and globally up-to-date compliance infrastructure protects your confidential information, Intellectual Property (IP), invention rights, and sensitive employee data.

Is it possible to use Skuad's services partially?

Yes, you may choose to do that. We're flexible - we can customize a subscription plan that is based on your organization's unique requirements. See what works best for you - Talk to Skuad experts.

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