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Best countries to hire remote employees in 2024

Updated on :

February 20, 2024
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Hire International Employees at $199
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Best countries to hire remote employees in 2024


It’s never been a better time to hire remote employees. Many employees are embracing the digital nomad life and work-from-home environment. Companies can search the world over for top talent and offer benefits and perks to attract and keep the best remote employees. Global payroll companies such as Skuad can hire in over 160 countries, so your company can take its pick among the best labor pools. In this article, you’ll learn about just a few of these countries and why you can find some of the best remote employees there.

To ensure full compliance with labor laws, including compensating employees properly, paying them statutory benefits, and classifying your employees correctly, your company can partner with Skuad, a global human resources and payroll outsourcing company. Skuad can help you hire remote employees, manage payroll for remote employees and contractors, and help your company stay in compliance with the law. Contact us to get a demo today.

Hiring globally is easier than ever

The remote work-from-home mentality has never been stronger and most people agree that remote work is here to stay. People are finding a great work/life balance as they avoid the daily commute, and can be as productive as ever as they complete their work from a comfortable home office, a co-working space, the beach, or anywhere in the world. This makes hiring remote workers easy as there is an abundance of talent to choose from.

The following is a list, in no particular order, of some of the best countries in which to seek talent for your business, along with a brief description and reasons for being on the list. This list is not exhaustive. In addition to these countries, Skuad can help your company hire in over 160 countries.

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Best countries to hire remote employees in 2024

The Dominican Republic

With its beautiful beach scenery and low cost of living, the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for digital nomads and remote workers. As long as you are following local laws such as the requirement for 80% of your workforce in the Dominican Republic to be comprised of Dominicans, you can hire your staff at will, meaning there are fewer complications regarding termination laws, aside from some rules on severance. Make sure your contracts are in Spanish. It would be wise to have someone in your company speak the language fluently to communicate with your Dominican workers.


Another nation known for its natural beauty, Vietnam is a popular location for remote workers. Remote employees can work in co-working spaces, internet cafes, or among the country’s many waterfalls and other beautiful and serene settings. According to a survey, 82% of Vietnamese respondents believe remote work will continue and that they will likely want to keep working remotely even beyond the pandemic. That means there should be plenty of remote talent to be found in Vietnam.


Portugal is one of the oldest and most peaceful nations in the European Union. In the capital of Lisbon, where remote work is very popular, many people speak English in addition to the official language of Portuguese. In fact, the country’s residents are considered to be some of the best English speakers in the world, which could make working with Portuguese remote employees easier for your company.

United Arab Emirates

Located in western Asia on the Arabian peninsula. the United Arab Emirates is comprised of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi being the capital and Dubai being the largest. The nation has no nationally mandated minimum wage, making it an attractive choice for companies with a lower payroll budget. There are no personal income taxes and, aside from petroleum companies, there are corporate tax exemptions for most industries, making the corporate tax rate effectively 0%. Work visa programs for remote workers have been initiated by the government to attract tech talent from all over the world to easily work remotely in the nation. For these reasons, hiring remote employees in the United Arab Emirates can be a good choice for your company.


Finland is one of the happiest nations on Earth, ranking #1 on the UN’s World Happiness Report. Your company should be able to hire and keep a happy and motivated remote team in the Republic of Finland. The minimum wage is set through collective bargaining, by which employers are legally bound to abide. Finland ranks #8 on the list of the highest internet speeds in the world, making work fast and productive for remote employees.


The African nation of Cameroon has such a low local cost of living that their minimum wage of 36,270 Central African francs per month, equivalent to about  $55 U.S. dollars, goes a longer way than you may think. The lower payroll costs can make this nation a popular choice for hiring remote employees.


Estonia is a small, forested nation in northern Europe. The information technology, electronics, and telecommunications sectors are among the nation’s chief industries. Estonia is considered one of the most wired and technologically advanced nations in Europe, and one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world, making the country’s residents a good choice for companies looking to hire top information technology talent for remote work.


Sharing a border with Vietnam, Cambodia’s landscape is full of lush natural settings appreciated by remote workers. The average cost of living is about 60% lower than in the United States, making the country a popular destination for remote workers. The nationally mandated minimum wage is equivalent to under $200 U.S. per month, making Cambodia another good choice for lower payroll costs


The North African nation of Egypt is the third-largest growing economy on the continent. The minimum wage is 2700 EGP per month for the private sector, the equivalent of US $88. Employers just need to follow the moderate labor protections and follow certain rules such as providing healthcare for employees, and they can have affordable remote talent in Egypt.


The South American nation of Venezuela has seen some economic troubles, but the overall effect has been to provide more affordable remote talent to be hired, with a minimum wage of 130 VES, which is equivalent to roughly $23 per month. Employment contracts are not legally required but your company policies can include those and may be beneficial to all parties by protecting both employer and employee and spelling out specific rights of the employee, such as leave entitlements, while also communicating company policies to protect the company.


Japan has been known for decades as being one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. It has fast internet speeds and availability and offers some great national health benefits which attract remote workers. There are beautiful beaches and cultural sites for remote workers to enjoy.


This western Asian country has a low minimum wage of 66,140 drams (AMD), which is equivalent to about $140 per month. There are plenty of co-working spaces for your employees to get work done.


The European nation of Germany is considered one of the top-ranked countries for remote work in the world, according to NordLayer, a cybersecurity software firm. There is a new law that, if passes, will give citizens the legal right to work from home, giving the country a more remote work-friendly culture. The minimum wage is 1621 EUR per month, but if you find the best remote tech workers, they can make it worth it for your company.

Benefits of hiring across borders

There are numerous benefits for your company to hire internationally. Your company can benefit from cost savings in the form of lower payroll and statutory benefits costs. Hiring remotely can be beneficial to your company in general by removing the need for office space and the requirement for employees to be physically present in a workspace. By hiring across borders, your company can find some of the best and most talented employees by casting a wide net and hiring in nations and regions that are technologically advanced and full of extremely talented and motivated candidates looking for a great work-from-home or digital nomad opportunity with your company.


The aforementioned countries comprise a list of some of the best countries to hire remote workers with reasons ranging from low minimum wage requirements and a lower payroll cost for your company to large numbers of happy and motivated remote tech workers ready to work for your company in co-working spaces or beautiful local natural environments with high internet speeds. In addition to the nations mentioned, there are many more countries in which you can find talented remote workers. Skuad can help your company hire globally in over 160 countries.

Skuad can also help your company onboard and pay remote employees, making sure that they are classified properly, and keep your company in compliance with local labor laws. Contact Skuad today for a demonstration of remote hiring solutions.

About the author

Sandeep Patel is a Content Marketing Manager and Strategist. Over the last five years, he has created and managed content for global brands and fintech startups. He is passionate about remote work and using tech for a better work-life balance.

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