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Complex admin tasks you can outsource to help your small business grow

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Updated on:
February 20, 2024
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Updated on :

February 20, 2024
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Hire International Employees at $199
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Complex admin tasks you can outsource to help your small business grow


Administering your company’s day-to-day operations is not an easy task. Sales, marketing, HR, designing, customer service, bookkeeping, etc., consume plenty of time. A wise way to spend your time is by focusing on core activities that allow you to generate revenue and grow your business.

When the daily grind of handling these complex admin tasks starts to drain your valuable time, outsourcing to a third party might be a smart move.

Read further as we break down what tasks, when outsourced, significantly impact your small business.

Essential tasks your small business can consider outsourcing


Running payroll can become complicated and stressful when you have employees and contractors working in different parts of the globe. Handling payroll means adhering to each country’s compliance requirements to protect your business from lawsuits or fines. Hence, in many cases, small businesses prefer experts to handle payroll for them.

Outsourcing your payroll to a global payroll platform, like Skuad, solves the complexity of paying talent in over 160+ countries in the currency of choice by automating the entire payroll process. In just a few clicks, you can hire and pay your globally-distributed team and ensure they’re paid accurately on time, every time.

Social media management

While social media has become a pivotal medium for staying in touch with your audience, consumers, and stakeholders, it involves a monthly calendar, content creation, checking and replying to comments, scheduling posts, and conducting relevant activities. A wise choice would be to outsource social media management to someone with experience in marketing, testing new ideas, engaging customers, and building loyal followers. 

With Skuad, you can find the perfect talent for your team in over 160+ countries.

Data entry

From updating excel sheets to entering customer addresses into spreadsheets, data entry tasks are easy to offload and can free up a ton of your time. Finding a freelancer who can simplify administrative tasks would be a wise choice for small businesses to save time and energy.

Graphic design

While there are plenty of graphic design tools to create designs on our own, it takes plenty of time to produce your design visuals, and sometimes the results can look amateur.

Do you spend hours on graphic design projects like social media posts, presentations, Facebook ads, logos, and custom images for your website? It’s probably time for you to outsource to an experienced graphic designer. Instead of spending a lot of money on design agencies, you can hire freelancers to help you take your designs to the next level. 


Setting up an in-house HR department involves budget, time, office space, and more. If these factors stop you from having a dedicated HR team, then it’s time for you to outsource critical HR activities. 

An HR service provider can cover a broad spectrum of services such as recruiting, administering benefits, taking care of compliance, employee training and development, and employee engagement. 


Bookkeeping and tax preparation can be time-consuming, and one such activity, you can’t afford to take risks or shortcuts. You’ll have to check on tax-filing deadlines and mistakes that could have substantial financial implications for your business.

An outsourced bookkeeping service can handle your books, prepare financial reports and keep you safe from financial complexities.

One platform to grow your global team

Hire and pay talent globally, the hassle -free way with Skuad

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 Working from home avoids commuting, and fewer commuters result in 

 lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

Outsourcing can bring immense benefits to your business

Outsourcing will not only give you peace of mind that a group of skilled professionals are handling some of the critical activities for your small business and providing administrative support but also save plenty of time, energy and money that you can use wisely to grow your business. 

Hire and run payroll with zero effort

Skuad helps small businesses find the perfect fit for their team, onboard them, and accurately process payroll. With an Employer of Record platform like Skuad, your small business can quickly get the much-needed global expansion.

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About the author

Kate Jonson is a Software Engineer and Tech Writer. During the day, she writes codes and develops tech products. At night, she moonlights as a tech writer sharing her thoughts on work productivity and efficient HR management practices. 

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