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Just in: Get detailed insights into the cost of employment and view a more comprehensive dashboard

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Hire International Employees at $199
Hire International Employees at $199
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March 2024: Product Release Roundup

In our continuous endeavor to elevate the user experience, we're happy to bring you many new features and upgrades. Read on to discover what’s new!

1. Calculator at province and state level, as well as expat support

The new cost calculator provides employment cost calculation on hiring new talent in regions where States and Provinces are applicable.

Applicable for following countries that have been added to the website and the platform.

  • United States of America - 50 states
  • Australia - 9 States
  • Canada - 13 Provinces
  • Expats for India

Platform Cost Calculator Changes

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 Working from home avoids commuting, and fewer commuters result in 

 lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

2. Accessibility to MSA and its availability for download

Download the MSA document by navigating to the settings at the top, and then locating the legal settings to access the signed MSA.

3. Dashboard Upgrades

The new Skuad dashboard has been designed to provide an intuitive and informative experience. It remains your landing page once you sign in to the platform & it acts as the central hub for managing your payments, tasks, and workforce.

4. Client Dashboard

On the new dashboard, the clients will be able to see the following cards

  • Payment Due Card: This indicates an outstanding payment that requires your attention. Clicking here will direct you to the payments page to complete the outstanding payment.
  • Things to do:  Here, you will find any required actions for approving expenses or leave requests submitted by the workers.
  • Important Dates: Ability to seek information per country where clients have active employees. Information such as:
    • Expense & adjustments cutoff date - Submit any necessary adjustments or expenses before the deadline to ensure timely processing
    • Onboarding cut-off dates - Any employee or contractor onboarded after the deadline will be paid the following month
    • Payout date - Payment date for your employees/contractors
    • Invoice raise period - Invoice raise period for your employees/contractors
    • Payment Due - Payment date cut-off for your employees/contractors
  • Team Data - Here, you'll find access to view ongoing onboarding and the current active team members within their organization.

  • Reach out to us for any assistance - Here, you can directly use help request
  • Guide Videos - To see a walkthrough on how to navigate through the platform. 
  • Cost Calculator - To determine the employment cost of hiring a new talent across different regions

5. Time Logs

The Time Logs interface has been redesigned with a user-friendly appearance, streamlining the process for contractors to submit their timesheets effortlessly.

With every product release, our team is committed to continuously introducing innovative features, fostering a dynamic and thriving business environment.

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