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New Features: Advanced Payroll Calendar, Identity Verification and More

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Hire International Employees at $199
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September 2023: Product Release Roundup

In our continuous endeavour to elevate the user experience, we're thrilled to announce a slew of new features and enhancements. Dive in to discover the new updates!

1. Enhanced export functionality in ‘People’ section

We have improved the data export feature under the ‘People' section. You can now download data for inactive and off-boarded employees in addition to the active ones.

The impact:

This update will assist in better record-keeping and compliance.

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 lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

2. More comprehensive calendar functionality

2.1 View country-specific dates

A brand new Payroll Calendar will be visible on your dashboard as soon as you log in, with visibility of key dates for a given month for every country you activate with us. 

  • Adjustments & expenses cutoff date
  • Onboarding cutoff date
  • Employee payout date

With these dates available to you upfront - you will have complete visibility & knowledge around key dates for payroll at any given time. 

The impact:

This ensures no input around payments is missed or skipped by you for any of your employees, thereby directly boosting employee happiness & satisfaction.

2.2 Integration with adjustments and expenses Tab

With this release, our ‘Adjustment’ and ‘Expenses’ sections have become more intelligent.  

  • We’ve simplified the form fields for ease of use
  • As you enter the adjustment/expenses, you will get more in-context knowledge about pay dates as well as additional costs to process them (if any)
  • Post entry, a summary will also be available to you, listing when and how much will be paid.

3. Expansion of Auto Debit and Direct Debit features:

We've extended our Auto-Debit and Direct Debit features to cater to our users in Australia and Europe. This expansion reaffirms our promise to provide a consistent and efficient payment experience globally.

  • Newly Supported Regions:
    Australia (BECS), Europe (SEPA nations) and Canada (ACSS)

  • Difference between Auto-debit and Direct debit:some text
    • Auto-debit: The payment request to pull the money from the bank account is sent on a scheduled date in the future.
    • Direct debit: The payment request to pull the money from the bank account is sent immediately.

In both the above cases, Skuad receives the acknowledgment of this payment in 4-5 business days from Stripe post the payment request is made.

How to Use: Head to the 'Account Settings' section on our platform. If you're in Australia or Europe (SEPA nations), you'll now see options for 'Auto-Debit' there as shown below. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

4. Unified ‘Payments’ tab

We've merged the ‘Payroll Invoices’ and ‘Payments’ tabs to create a unified tab. This aims to centralise all your financial transactions like viewing all outstanding invoices, credit notes and transactions. 

We have also introduced new invoice and credit note statuses for clarity and transparency.

The impact:

This update makes it easier for you to reconcile payments and maintain accurate records.

5. Integrated Veriff for identity verification of both employees and contractors

Security is one of our top priorities. To ensure that each remote worker’s identity is verified, we've integrated with Veriff, a leading identity verification solution.

The impact:

This feature automates the verification process, reducing manual errors and enhancing compliance.

6. Ability to upload contractor timesheets

To simplify the invoicing process, clients can now upload contractor timesheets directly into the platform. Once uploaded and approved, the system will auto-generate invoices based on the timesheet data.

The impact:

This enhancement aims to eliminate manual calculations and potential errors.

🚀 With every product release, the Skuad team is committed to continuously introducing innovative features, fostering a dynamic and thriving business environment.

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