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Contractor Management

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about managing independent contractors globally

Does Skuad offer contracts for contractors?


Yes. Skuad creates contracts for contractors that are compliant with local laws in the contractor’s country of residence.

Do contractors need to sign any contract with Skuad?


No, they don’t have to. The contract signed by the contractor is between you and the contractor.

Can we make changes to the signed contract?


You will not be able the edit the signed contract. To make any changes, you will have to create a new contract with the contractor. The contractor will sign the new contract and the old contract will be archived.

In what currency does the contractor get paid?


At Skuad, contractors get paid in the currency of their choice. We offer streamlined payment options by allowing you to make consolidated payments in just one currency. After the payment invoice is received, Skuad converts the currency and pays the contractors.

How do contractors get paid?


After we receive the invoices, we process payments through banks and third-party providers. Contractors need to enter valid bank account details on Skuad’s platform to ensure successful payments/transactions.

Who bears the transfer fees or currency exchange rate differences while paying contractors?


If the currency the company pays to Skuad differs from the currency the contractor chooses to get paid in, the contractors bear the cost of currency exchange rates.

How do I terminate a contractor?


Skuad is not involved in the termination process of the contractor. When you hire a contractor through Skuad, the contract is between you and the contractor. If you’ve offboarded a contractor from your company, you can remove their profile on Skuad’s platform.

How can I contact Skuad?


Please fill out the form here and our People Ops team will respond to you at the earliest.



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