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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about statutory contributions and global benefits

What benefits does Skuad support?


The benefits packages may vary according to the country. Typically, we offer the following benefits:
1. Health insurance
2. Dental insurance
3. Pension
4. Reimbursements
5. Paid time off
6. Bonuses and allowances

What statutory benefits are required in the countries of my employees?


Statutory benefits differ in each country. Handling them is a complicated process and Skuad handles the entire process for you. We provide all the relevant information requirements to comply with local employment laws in each country.

Are there any extra costs involved with statutory benefits?


Any contributions to statutory benefits are included as a part of the employer’s social contributions in the cost of employment. There are no hidden costs or surcharges on Skuad’s platform.

Who chooses supplementary benefits?


You choose the supplementary benefits ,depending on their eligibility, for your employees.

Will an employee hired through Skuad be covered by social security programs?


When employees are hired through Skuad, they will be covered by social security programs in the country of employment. As your legal partner, Skuad makes social security contributions.

How can I get in touch with Skuad?


Please fill the form here and our People Ops team will respond to you immediately.

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