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How does a Skuad offer letter work?


After you’ve invited an employee to onboard with Skuad, you can create an offer letter with a single click. The template uses the information provided by you and sources details about the employee to customize the offer letter. Once it is done, you will be able to send it to the employee to continue the onboarding process.

Does Skuad conduct background screening and candidate verification?


Skuad does not have any internal teams for background screening – the service may be offered in partnership with a third party. The employment process starts with the candidate’s ability and credentials to work in the country they’re hired in.

Does Skuad support contractor employment globally?


Yes, employers can hire contractors for their projects in 160+ countries through Skuad. They can also, onboard, pay and manage them on our unified platform.

Can employee agreements be backdated?


To manage local compliance and strict employment laws, we recommend not backdating an employee agreement in any country. Instead, we work with the candidate to revise the joining date as it gives us enough time to complete the onboarding process.

Is it possible to convert a contractor to an employee?


Yes, it’s possible. The process will be similar to how we onboard employees.

How can I terminate an employee?


Termination of employment is a delicate situation and must be handled with care. We advise you to follow the appropriate steps to avoid risks and lawsuits. The process and timeline can vary between countries depending on the local employment laws. Employers are requested to comply with the process as per Skuad’s guidance. Our People Ops experts will ensure that the right process is followed for your employee/company.

Are incentives subject to tax?


Yes, additional income like bonuses, stipends, and allowances are usually subject to tax. They are managed during payroll.

Does Skuad offer salary payments in crypto?


No. We do not process employee salary or contractor invoices in cryptocurrency.

Is Skuad secure enough to handle sensitive information?


Yes, Skuad ensures the highest standard of privacy for your company and secures employees information through our multi-layered security processes. Skuad is SOC compliant.

Can I request a demo with Skuad?


Yes, you can. Please fill out this form and our People Ops team will reach out to you at the earliest.

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