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Onboard your remote hires in minutes

Hire anyone, anywhere and let Skuad compliantly welcome your international talent to your team.

Onboard your remote hires in minutes
What Is Employee Onboarding?

What Is Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding refers to the process of inducting new candidates into an organization. It includes sending compliant paperwork, orientation and training amongst other processes. HR experts believe that the better the onboarding process, the higher the productivity and retention rate of employees. However, making the process efficient and effective is easier said than done. And the challenges increase manifold when it comes to onboarding remote employees.

Skuad is the better way to onboard remote talent

Our in-built features enable hassle-free employee onboarding and management

Employee background verification

Access our extensive talent pool to hire pre-screen global talent. As an added layer of security, Skuad also runs on-demand background checks to verify the validity of the employee's education, employment history, etc.

Contracts and documentation

Skuad makes it easy to send compliant contracts and collect the necessary hiring documentation across the globe - updating all worker information in one place.

New hire introduction

Skuad's local team helps your new hires understand the location-specific regulations, salary structure, benefits, and welcomes them to your organization.

Orientation and training

Whether you have an orientation day or week, our local HR experts will assist you in employee induction by detailing leave policies, HR processes, team introductions, and more.

Introduction to company culture

Skuad gives your newly hired employees and contractors an overview of what your company is about, setting the foundation for shared values, goals and attitudes.

Support and infrastructure

Skuad's local HR infrastructure in 150+ countries ensures that we cover all bases when onboarding global talent. Our experts are available around-the-clock to answer any queries you might have.