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Foreign Employment

Employ talent globally with Skuad while being compliant with the local laws in a foreign country. 

Global Payroll
Global Payroll Management

How to pay your foreign employees?

Paying foreign employees in various currencies under different financial regulations can be a complex task for any employer. Companies may need to partner with more than one payroll provider to manage payments in multiple countries or establish a foreign business vertical.
Partnering with an Employer of Record like Skuad is the simplest and most secure method to run global payroll. Skuad manages your payroll and pays employees in one click via its unified platform while being compliant with its local financial laws.

How to avoid employee misclassification when hiring foreign workers?

When you decide to hire international talent, you need to steer clear of employee misclassification. Employee misclassification can happen when a company labels a person as an independent contractor for tax and legal purposes when they are, in fact, an employee. To prevent employee misclassification charges, ensure that the individual you plan to recruit overseas is indeed an independent contractor. 

With Skuad’s Global HR Platform, you are sure to onboard foreign freelancers in over 160 countries, compliantly. Skuad enables you to employ talent from around the world without having to worry about employee misclassification. We've got you covered, whether you're hiring part-time or full-time talent.

Skuad Unified Platform is your all-in-one solution for Foreign Employment 

Protection of your Intellectual Property rights, data, and security when partnering with an EOR

Regulation & Data Privacy

Companies must inquire about the information retained by the EOR and how this information is processed before joining up. Skuad provides the highest level of information security through legally binding contracts for the companies.

Intellectual Property Protection

When entering new markets, a company's brand, logo, technology, and all other intellectual property (IP) must be secured. Skuad has the necessary legal framework in place to safeguard its customers from any IPR violations.

Confidential Information

During operations, a corporation must communicate sensitive information with its EOR, as well as the succeeding staff, such as client lists, pricing information, and market strategy. Skuad assures that your private information is kept secure at all times.