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Challenges of Hiring International Talent

Challenges Of Hiring International Talent

When hiring internationally, companies need to invest time and money to set up subsidiaries and related infrastructure in the country of employment. They also need a deep understanding of country-specific laws and regulations to avoid fines and law suits. However, with Skuad, you can skip these time-consuming and financial hassles and go straight to global employment for your company.

Skuad is the better way to build remote teams

Our in-built features enable hassle-free employee management

Access Global Talent

Whether you're looking to hire employees or contractors, Skuad helps you discover and build an exceptional remote team through our Talent Network in 150+ countries.

Onboard in Minutes

With country compliant and ironclad contracts & documentation that are digitally signed, onboarding of your employees becomes quick and hassle-free.

Stay Cost Efficient

Setting up subsidiaries needs thousands of dollars in investment. With Skuad as your Employer of Record, you can employ remote talent legally in 150+ countries without a subsidiary.

Enjoy Transparency

View all details of your entire global team on our unified dashboard. Track new hire onboarding, time-offs, net pay, and more in one place. Analyze your total employment costs to plan your talent spend in advance.

Security & Compliance

While dealing with sensitive information, we ensure that your business and employee data is protected with airtight security and leading industry-standard compliance measures, including GDPR.

Get On-demand Support 24/5

With Skuad as your partner, you don’t need to have multiple experts. We will provide 24X5 expert support all your HR, talent, legal, payroll and compliance queries.