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Global Talent Acquisition with Skuad

There’s no bigger key to growth than to have world’s best talent work for you! Find the right talent with Skuad's talent experts.

Global Talent Acquisition with Skuad
Collaborate with top global talent

Build your team, anywhere in the world

There are many advantages of hiring the best global talent for your remote team, there are also many challenges - screening and shortlisting of right candidates, sending locally compliant contracts, onboarding, payroll management, taxation, and more. With Skuad as your hiring and Employer of Record (EOR) partner, these challenges are taken care of for you. From providing access to globall talent to managing your distributed team, Skuad makes global talent acquisition a hassle-free experience.

Skuad is the better way to build remote teams

Our global employment infrastructure enables hassle-free employee hiring and management.

Global Talent Reach

Whether you're looking to hire employees or contractors, Skuad helps you discover and build an exceptional remote team through our Talent Network in 150+ countries.

Global Infrastructure

As an EOR, Skuad global employment plartform gives you easy access to remote talent around the world without time consuming search or upfront fees.

Flexible Hiring Model

You decide your hiring needs and Skuad will provide customised solutions that best meet your requirements. Get flat and transparent pricing - whether you hire one contractor or a hundred employees.

Automated Onboarding Workflow

Skuad’s automated self-serve platform allows you to onboard your employees almost instantly and and easily manage your globally distributed team on one dashboard.

Global Contracts

With a local HR and legal infrastructure in 150+ countries, we send customised, locally compliant and digitally signed contracts to your employees and contractors.

Global Payroll

Pay your remote team in their local currency. Schedule employee payroll and one-time or recurring payments for contractors, in one click. Get optimal exchange rates without markups.