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Hire top remote talent globally with Skuad's Global Employment Platform

Automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance with Skuad's Global Employment Solutions in 150+ countries.

Hire Remote Talent with Skuad
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Easily hire remote talent without a subsidiary

Hire and retain the best minds globally. Build your team of contractors and full-time employees from our talent pool of world-class remote talent. Use Skuad's local entities to employ your global team and save thousands in the process. Avoid all financial, admin, and legal headaches that come with establishing subsidiaries.

Skuad is the better way to build remote teams

Our in-built features enable hassle-free admin, HR and legal management

Onboard in minutes

With country compliant and ironclad contracts & documentation that are digitally signed, onboarding of your remote talent becomes quick and hassle-free.

Human Resources

Questions about onboarding, trouble navigating local employment laws, difficulties with statutory compliance, or any other HR queries - Skuad guides you through each step of global employee and contractor management.

Streamline your international payroll

Schedule payroll for employees and configure one-time or recurring payments for contractors in just one click. Get optimal exchange rates with no hidden fees, everytime.

IP protection & security

Skuad's GDPR compliant global EOR platform ensures the hightest standards to ensure privacy and security of your sensitive company information, employee data and intellectual property.

Statutory benefits

Take care of your remote talent with country-specific benefits packages. Provide great healthcare coverage and other relevant benefits in 150+ countries to keep your team healthy and motivated.


With Skuad's effective offboarding process, you are able to show your current and prospective employees that the company values them for more than their contribution to the bottom line.