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Hire your remote team easily with Skuad

Are you looking to fuel your organisation’s growth with remote employment? Let Skuad help you hire your remote team anywhere in the world.

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What is Remote Employment?

Remote employment allows professionals to work outside the conventional office space. Organisations carry out work tasks by virtual means and communicate synchronously and asynchronously via the internet.
However, hiring remote employees is a tedious process. Companies are required to comply with various country laws and regulations, pay employees in multiple currencies, and adhere to tax compliance of different countries.
The solution to the challenges of hiring remote employees is to partner with an Employer of Record like Skuad to build a global remote team.

How does an Employer of Record work?

By utilising an EOR, organisations can hire, onboard, and pay their employees from anywhere globally as the EOR becomes the legal employer on behalf of the client.

Hiring and onboarding digitally, in minutes

You can hire and onboard employees digitally while complying with the employment laws of your employees’ resident country with an EOR. Skuad’s Employer of Record allows for an effortless onboarding process in over 160 countries.

 Automating global payroll

The EOR manages and processes payroll according to the legal requirements of the employees’ country laws. With Skuad’s unified HR platform, organisations can pay their employees securely and in the employees’ currency choice without any hassle.

Streamlining local compliance

The Employer of Record ensures the client carries out its employment and business activities in the country according to employment laws. As the legal employer, drafting employment contracts is carried out by the EOR on behalf of the organisation.