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How do I sign my contractor agreement?

Step 1: Log into Skuad’s Platform and complete your profile setup. You can view the steps on how to set up your profile here.

Step 2: Once your profile is tagged as ‘100% Completed’, you can ‘Review & Sign’ your contractor agreement directly from the dashboard. 

Step 3: Click ‘Review & Sign’ to start the process. Click on ‘Confirm” to proceed. A detailed view of the contract will appear for your review.

Step 4: 

1. Review your contract and ‘Select Date’ to move forward.

2. By clicking on ‘Signature’,  you can sign the contract.

3. You can choose to draw, type or upload your signature.

Step 5: 

Click on the ‘Finish’ button to sign your contract. 

You've completed the signing process for your contract. The employer has been notified, and they will now review and sign the contract. Once this is done, you'll be activated on the platform. We'll inform you once this step is completed. For more details on the next steps, click on 'learn more' in the banner.

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