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How to add expenses to an invoice?

Step 1: 

  1. Navigate to the 'Expenses' section in your dashboard's side panel.
  2. Click on ‘Add Expense’ located in the right corner to initiate the process.

Step 2: On the 'Add Expense' page, enter your expense details.
Note: Each submission should correspond to a single expense item. 

Step 3: Attach the necessary receipt or proof of purchase to substantiate your claim. Click on ‘Proceed’ to complete adding the expense.

Step 4: After submitting the expense, you can track the status of your claim in the 'Expenses' section. Submitted expenses will be listed along with their current status.

Skuad guarantees timely payments for all types of contractors. Expense reimbursements will be processed alongside their regular payments, subject to approval from your manager.

Understanding the Approval and Reimbursement Process

Submission and approval

  • Once submitted, expenses are automatically forwarded to your approval manager for review.
  • The manager will evaluate the expense claim along with the attached receipts or proof of purchase.

Manager approval

Approval times may vary based on the organization's internal processes and manager availability, typically ranging from a few hours to a few days.

Invoicing and reimbursement

  • Approved expenses are added as line items to your next scheduled invoice.
  • If an invoice is already generated, you can sync it with the approved expenses to ensure inclusion in the current billing period.

Reimbursement timeline

Reimbursements are processed with your next payment cycle.

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