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What is Skuad?

What does Skuad do? 

Skuad enables companies to employ international contractors and employees in 160+ countries, seamlessly and compliantly. There are no upfront fees, hidden costs, or long-term lock-ins involved.

We enable local onboarding, global compliance, payroll, and HR admin, allowing you to focus on scaling your business. 

With our robust, unified platform you can: 

  • Hire in 160+ countries without opening a local entity. 
  • Send and sign locally compliant onboarding contracts.
  • Run payroll in 100+ currencies, on time and accurately.
  • Provide country-specific benefits to your employees and contractors. 
  • Manage expenses, timesheets, invoicing, deductions, and more. 
  • Stay 100% compliant with local labor laws and employment regulations. 

We also support you with background checks, visas and work permit processes and help provide the necessary work equipment for your distributed teams success. 

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Skuad is the best solution to hire
and expand globally.

Global employment, payroll, teams and expansion, simplified.

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