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Dominican Republic

Hire in the Dominican Republic

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Table of Content


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Hire in the Dominican Republic

The employment rate of the Dominican Republic has averaged 52.3% from 2000 to 2020. The Dominican Republic is a fast-growing country in Latin America; tourism is the dominant occupation of the people. The unemployment rate is 7.40% in the country, and of the employees, 55.6% are wage and salaried workers.

The main employment sectors in the country are tourism, agriculture, and information technology. The country has tremendous scope for growth. Further, 40% of the youth in the country are actively looking for ways to find new jobs that meet their expectations. There is an enormous job market in the country and talent that is yet to be utilized. With more digital advancements, a boom is anticipated in the job market of the Dominican Republic. Skuad can assist you in finding the best fit for your company. Talk to Skuad experts to learn more.

Overview of the Dominican Republic

Population: approximately 11.4 million people (2024)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $318.57 billion (2024 estimate)

Economic Overview

In the last few years, the economy of the Dominican Republic has experienced rapid growth. From 2015 to 2020, the annual GDP growth was about 6.1%, making the Dominican Republic one of the fastest-growing economies. Foreign direct investments, tourism, and remittance have allowed the country to progress.

Market Size

The market size of the Dominican Republic is accommodating for all the working-age population in the country. However, more companies should invest and expand in the country, and the skilled, employable youth should be exposed to new career opportunities. This will reduce the talent gap in the Dominican Republic and help its economy thrive.

Main Industries

  • The most successful economic sectors in the country are tourism, agriculture, and foreign direct investment. These are well established and are the main source of revenue for the government.
  • The Dominican government has recently made the country receptive to investments and technological partnerships. This is a major move for the economic advancement of the country.
  • The government is looking for new ways to expand the exports of the country and to have a global presence.
  • The government plans to create job opportunities for the youth by collaborating with multinational companies and corporations.

Internet Speed

The internet speed of the country is about 4.09 Mbps, and people use the internet for their various needs. These include,

  • Looking for jobs
  • Online classes
  • Remote work
  • Skill-sharing and collaboration

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Talent in the Dominican Republic

Top Skills: City-Wise and Occupation-Wise

The Dominican Republic is a fast-growing economy, and there is plenty of talent available in the country. Even though tourism is the most important sector in the country, followed by agriculture, the youth of the country are eagerly looking for new avenues to showcase their diverse skill sets. Let’s have a look at the top job opportunities in the different cities of the Dominican Republic.

City Job Opportunities and Skills
Azua de Compostela Tourism, information technology, management, health care, consulting
Juan Dolio Tourism, healthcare, restaurants, online shopping, staffing
San Juan de la Maguana Tourism, marketing, production, event management, sales
Santo Domingo Agriculture, tourism, consulting, sales, marketing, media
Bani Tourism, infrastructure, apparel, IT, healthcare, digital marketing, coaching
Las Guaranas Multimedia, software, healthcare, IT, export, tourism
Santa Cruz de Barahona Sales, marketing, tourism, digital marketing, health and wellness, lifestyle
Bonao Health care, IT, sales, production, export, apparel, tourism, agriculture, project development

The top industries that are expected to hire in the Dominican Republic are tabulated below.

Sl.No Industrial Sector Growth Percentage for Hiring
1 Tourism 64%
2 IT 30%
3 Restaurants 18.5%
4 Transportation 22%
5 Media and entertainment 16.2%
6 Personal services 19.14%
7 Freelancing 40%
8 Logistics 20%
9 Business 34%
10 Professional services 17.23%

When there’s so much to offer, it becomes tricky to hire the right set of people for your team. Skuad can help you find, hire, and manage excellent local talent and make expansion in the Dominican Republic a hassle-free task.

Hiring Cost in the Dominican Republic 

Hiring Cost

The hiring cost of a particular place depends on various factors associated with the place. Various factors such as the cost of living, economy, income, and the businesses in the country influence the hiring cost. The different factors that affect the hiring cost are,

  • Recruitment costs
  • Interview costs
  • Onboarding costs
  • Training costs
  • Retainment costs

The hiring costs may vary depending on the organization and the methods implemented. It is always useful to research the location and method of hiring before going forward with it. Expert advice is beneficial to the success of the hiring process. The better a company plans and executes the hiring process, the better long-term success it receives.

Cost of Living

The cost of living refers to the expenses an average person needs to make for living in a particular place. The cost of living is high in some places, while in other places, it is low. For a company to be effective, the cost of hiring needs to be within its budget.

The cost of living is a measure that can be used to understand the economic growth of a region. The more economically developed a country is, the more the cost of living will be. In this case, the income also will be high.

The average cost of living in the Dominican Republic for various categories and resources is tabulated below. It does not vary much for different locations in the Dominican Republic.

Category Estimated Cost (Monthly, DOP) Estimated Cost (Monthly; USD)
Food 5,696 to 8,544 100 to 150
Transportation 2,848 to 4,272 50 to 75
Utilities 3,987 to 5,696 70 to 100
Leisure 1,139 to 2,278 20 to 40
Clothing 1,193 to 2,848 35 to 50
Rent 22,748 to 56,962 400 to 1,000

Cost of Renting

The cost of renting in the Dominican Republic is not as high as in other countries. The minimum rent per month comes to around USD 400/DOP 22,748. The working class uses the renting facilities more as they have a stable income to pay rather than the traditional workers who have their own house.

The cost of renting in the various cities of the Dominican Republic varies. Some of the famous cities of the Dominican Republic are Azua de Compostela, Juan Dolio, San Juan de la Maguana, Santo Domingo, Baní, Las Guaranas, Santa Cruz de Barahona, and Bonao. All these cities have different renting costs based on the economy and the way of living. Let us look into the city-wise cost of renting in the Dominican Republic.

City Monthly Salary in USD and DOP Monthly Cost of Living in USD and DOP Monthly Rent in USD and DOP
Azua de Compostela USD 500/DOP 28,481 USD 100/DOP 5,696 USD 385/DOP 21,930
Juan Dolio USD 475/DOP 27,056 USD 120/DOP 6,835 USD 350/DOP 19,936
San Juan de la Maguana USD 487/DOP 22,740 USD 145/DOP 8,259 USD 400/DOP 22,744
Santo Domingo USD 475/DOP 22,056 USD 167/DOP 9,512 USD 350/DOP 19,936
Bani USD 448/DOP 25,519 USD 145/DOP 8,259 USD 275/DOP 15,664
Las Guaranas USD 486/DOP 27,683 USD 142/DOP 8,088 USD 360/DOP 20,506
Santa Cruz de Barahona USD 458/DOP 25,088 USD 136/DOP 7,746 USD 400/DOP 22,784
Bonao USD 436/DOP 24,835 USD 133/DOP 7,575 USD 325/DOP 18,512

Skuad experts can help you handle global talent seamlessly. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Roles Salary in USD/Month Salary in DOP/Month
Banking 380 21,645
IT 450 25,632
Hospitality 360 20,506
Health and Wellness 370 21,075
Tourism 420 23,924
Management 365 20,791
Sales 330 18,797
Marketing 345 19,651
Education 500 28,481
Research and Development 520 29,620
Real Estate 600 34,177
Manufacturing 550 31,329
Engineering 400 22,784
Agriculture 285 16,234
Pharmaceutical Industry 320 24,607
Legal 400 22,784
Apparel 340 19,367

Employment Laws in the Dominican Republic

All the labor relationships in the Dominican Republic are regulated by the Dominican labor code. The labor code lays down the rights of the employees and protects them against unethical and unfair practices at the workplace. All people working in the Dominican Republic are protected under the law, irrespective of nationality or background.

The working hours shall not exceed eight hours a day and 44 hours a week. Executive and managerial employees do not have this rule. The wages of the work are negotiated between the employer and the employee.

Different Types of Employment Laws in the Dominican Republic

  • Civil rights laws
  • Workers compensation laws
  • Family and medical leaves laws
  • Workplace safety laws
  • Labor relations laws
  • Immigration employment laws
  • Compensation and child labor laws

Apart from these, there are other minor laws in the Dominican Republic as well. All these are formulated to ensure that the employees in the Dominican Republic are well protected and have all the rights to earn their living with freedom and equality. Skuad’s EOR solutions for the Dominican Republic can help expand your business while adhering to the tax legislation, labor laws, and contracts.

Dominican Republic Remote Hiring Trends 2024

Trending Remote Jobs in the Dominican Republic in 2024

Here are 10 trending and high-paying remote jobs in the Dominican Republic in 2024:

  • Call center representative
  • Call center manager
  • Social media manager
  • Digital media strategist
  • Web security manager
  • Sales promotion manager
  • Online bank manager
  • Mental health counselor
  • Customer service executive
  • Human resources manager

Top In-Demand Skills for Remote Jobs in the Dominican Republic in 2024

According to InterNations, these are the most sought-after skills for remote employment in the Dominican Republic:

  • Fluency in Spanish and English
  • Research skills
  • Networking abilities
  • Adaptability
  • Digital intelligence
  • Creativity

Growth in Hiring Activity in the Dominican Republic

Although a country with hardworking talents, employment rates in the Dominican Republic are relatively low. The employment rate decreased by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2022 from the previous quarter, indicating a reduction in hiring activity.

Indicators in the labor market show the slow speed of hiring activities isn’t enough to boost employment rates. Since most employment comes from a few thriving sectors, efforts are underway to develop other disciplines.

Top 5 Companies Hiring Remotely in the Dominican Republic

From Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata — and everywhere in between — remote workers are being courted by top companies, including:

  • Claro (Cable/telecommunication)
  • PwC (Accounting and Tax)
  • Concentrix (IT support)
  • Deloitte (Accounting)
  • Teleperformance (Telecommunication)

How Can Skuad Help You in Hiring in the Dominican Republic?

Hiring in the Dominican Republic requires much research and detailed analysis. It requires one to identify the cost of living, the various industries prevalent in the country, the culture of the country, the employment opportunities, the talent available, and the pay range for the hires, among other factors. This is where Skuad can help. As a reputed hiring and payroll service, we make sure that your entire hiring process is smooth while you take care of your more important business needs. Our digital HR platform takes care of all critical aspects regarding employment such as sourcing and vetting talent, onboarding, global digital contracts, managing payroll, compliance, and tax filing. We have a dedicated team of experts working for you across time zones and delivering excellent results. For more information, connect with Skuad experts and book a demo.

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Table of Content

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