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Hire in Georgia 2023 Guide | What Employers Need to Know

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Table of Content


Building a remote team?

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Overview of Georgia

Georgia is famous for its ancient cultural heritage and food. Although it is heavily influenced by Russian culture, it has faced many conflicts and mass emigration after becoming an independent state in 1991. The primary reasons for this are the poor quality of life and lack of employment opportunities. As a result, unlike most neighboring countries, the population in Georgia is declining. Demographers state that if the trend continues, the population might reduce to half in the next 40 years.

Population: 3.7 million

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): In 2019, the GDP (per capita) was USD 4,697.70. 

Languages Spoken

Georgian is the national language of Georgia and is also one of the oldest languages in the world. Most adults are fluent in English and Russian.

Economic Overview 

Georgia’s currency is the Georgian lari (GEL). As per the current conversion rate, 1,000 GEL equals around 320 USD. The cost of living for one person is approximately USD 540/GEL 1,706, while the average salary is around USD 2137/GEL 6,750. 


The major industries include aerospace, banking, technical services, health technology, manufacturing, and logistics. Most people rely on self-employment. 

Internet Speed

Georgia ranks 64th globally for mobile speeds (average 39 Mbps) and 111th for fixed broadband speed (27.33 Mbps). However, digital penetration is relatively high, and almost all citizens use mobile phones. Decent digital infrastructure is undoubtedly helping remote workers to be efficient and productive.

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Talent in Georgia

Georgia offers young, multi-lingual, and well-educated professionals. Self-employment is the primary source of income; most professionals explore remote work to earn more and have a better quality of life.

The capital Tbilisi and Batumi are the two most populous cities; both are also knowledge workers’ hubs. There’s a lot of talent available in various segments. The top skills in Georgia include:

  • Information technology
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Customer service
  • Advertising and creative media
  • Human resources 
  • Software development
  • Mobile development
  • Marketing
  • Admit support

Top Skills by City 


Profiles Top Skills
Web development Web designing, web editing

user experience designing, user interface designing, full-stack development, Android development

IT services Technical analysis, technical management, UNIX administration, web security, IT projects
Digital marketing SEO, copywriting, social media handling
Translation and admin support Translators, virtual assistance, project management, program consultant


Profiles Top Skills
Web development Web designing,

user experience, user interface, full-stack development, Android development

Design and creatives Video editing, illustrator, 2D animation, 3D animation, graphic designing
Digital marketing Copywriting, SEO specialist, social media consultant, social media management, business development, promotions
Data science & analytics Data extraction specialist, data entry operator, SQL developer, data analyst

When there’s so much to offer, it becomes tricky to hire the right set of people for your team. Skuad can help you find, hire, and manage excellent local talent and make expansion in Georgia a hassle-free task.

Top Remote Job Profiles in Georgia

The average hourly wage in Georgia is USD 12/GEL 40. Below are a few top remote profiles, along with starting hourly rates.

Remote Profiles Jobs Available Hourly Wage in USD Hourly Wage in GEL
Data science and analytics Data extraction specialist 30 95
Data analyst 20 63
SQL developer 25 79
D3.js expert 50 158
Accounting and consulting Financial programmer 25 79
Business administrator 20 63
Financial manager 50 158
Business process manager 40 126
Accountant 25 79
Admin support and project management Virtual administrative assistance 20 63
IT project manager 30 95
Product manager 50 158
Digital marketing and languages Copywriter 25 79
SEO manager 30 95
Translator (Russian/English) 20 63
Social media manager 20 63
Translator (Georgian) 50 158
Business development representative 9 28
Customer service Customer service specialist 15 47
Customer service manager 25 79
Data entry operator 10 32
Design and creatives 2D animation artist 30 95
Video editor 18 57
Graphic designer 30 95
Creative illustrator 20 63
Architect 20 63
IT service and software development Full-stack software developer 30 95
Information security architect 20 63
Android security consultant 60 190
Web developer 40 126
Angular developer 25 79
SQL and BI developer 25 79

Hiring Cost

The hiring cost of remote employees can easily exceed your budget. Hence, organizations prefer seeking the expertise of EOR services such as Skuad. Let us take a look at the current hiring cost trends in Georgia.

Cost of Living and Rent in Georgia

  • Cost of living in Georgia per person (without rent): USD 291/GEL 920 
  • Cost of living in Tbilisi per person (without rent): USD 305/GEL 964 
  • Average rent in Georgia (outside the city center): USD 195/GEL 616 
  • Average rent in Georgia (within city center): USD 300/GEL 948 

Cost of Living and Rent by City in Georgia

City Cost of Living in USD Cost of Living in GEL Average Rent in USD Average Rent in GEL
Tbilisi 567 1,792 263 831
Batumi 530 1,675 249 787
Kutaisi 396 1,251 168 531
Rustavi 529 1,671 248 783
Sukhumi 500 1,580 255 806

Cost of Hiring an Employee in Georgia

As per the 2018 government data, the average monthly nominal salary is around USD 420/GEL 1,327; however, the actual hiring cost can climb up to USD 10,000/GEL 31,600 for highly skilled talent. Other factors, including training, taxes, and legalities, can further increase the hiring cost in Georgia. Skuad experts can help you handle global talent seamlessly. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Salary Structure for Various Roles in Georgia

Before we analyze the salary structure for popular remote job profiles offered by Georgia, here’s a quick comparison between monthly average salaries provided in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Average Monthly Salary Comparison By City

  • Batumi:  GEL 6,850/USD 2,200 
  • Tbilisi:  GEL 7,380/USD 2,350 

The highest average may go up to GEL 30,100/USD 9,600. The average annual increment across industries is in the range of 2% to 8%. For example, professionals in the IT industry usually get a 6% yearly increment in Georgia.

The data below provides the average monthly salary, including housing cost, transport cost, and other employee benefits. 

IT Services and Software Development

  • Network engineer: USD 1,700/GEL 5,320 
  • IT manager: USD 3,386/GEL 10,600 
  • Web developer/programmer: USD 2,000/GEL 6,270 
  • Database administrator: USD 2,030/GEL 6,350 
  • Game developer: USD 1,825/GEL 5,710 
  • Full stack developer: USD 2,075/GEL 6,500 
  • User experience consultant: USD 1,625/GEL 6,690 
  • Front end developer: USD 2,155/GEL 5,090 
  • IOS developer: USD 2,155/GEL 6,750 

Language (Georgian/Russian/English)

  • Teachers: USD 1,565/GEL 4,900 
  • Translators: USD 1,810/GEL 5,670 

Accounts and Business Planning

  • Business development manager: USD 3,172/GEL 9,930 
  • Project manager: USD 2,400/GEL 7,530 
  • Business analyst: USD 2,660/GEL 8,330 
  • Accountant: USD 1,418/GEL 4,440 

Design and Creatives

  • Advertising coordinator: USD 1,632/GEL 5,110 
  • Animator: USD 1,540/GEL 4,820 
  • Social media executive: USD 2,675/GEL 8,370 
  • Graphic designer: USD 1,270/GEL 3,970 


  • Architect: USD 2,565/GEL 8,030 
  • Architecture consultant: USD 3,386/GEL 10,600 
  • CAD drafter: USD 1,000/GEL 3,150 GEL

Human Resource

  • Compensation analyst: USD 1,650/GEL 5,170 
  • Employee communications manager: USD 2,265/GEL 7,090 
  • Human resource generalist: USD 1,730/GEL 5,420 

Employment Laws in Georgia

Georgia has comparatively flexible labor legislation. As a result, the country’s ranking is 21 in the global Labor Freedom Index. Below are some key points:

Minimum Wage 

There is no provision for minimum wage. It entirely depends upon the employer and employees’ agreement.

Working Hours

The maximum duration of working hours per week should not exceed 40 hours. Employers can define different shifts for employees. However, there should be at least one 12-hour break between the next working period.


Overtime is permitted; however, the employer must pay more than the regular payments as agreed upon in the work contract.

Holidays and Leaves 

Employees in Georgia are entitled to take 24 paid and 15 days of unpaid leaves in a year. In addition, there are 15 national and religious holidays.

Although the labor legislation in Georgia is more straightforward than in other countries, handling international legalities and taxation requires expertise. Skuad’s EOR solutions for Georgia can help expand your business while adhering to the tax legislation, labor laws, and contracts. 

Georgia Remote Hiring Trends 2023

Increase in remote work

In 2022, Georgia has one of the highest self-employment rates in the world, with over 52% of the population working independently. Georgia has an internet penetration rate of over 72%, as many citizens have access to working internet and their own laptops. Many Georgians look to remote contractor jobs from international companies to earn higher wages while enjoying the lower living costs in their home country, increasing their overall quality of life.

Cost of hiring in Georgia

International companies are looking to hire in Georgia to reduce employee costs while providing impactful opportunities. The average salary in Georgia is 6,750 GEL per month, about $2,420. Many tech companies hire contractors in Georgia to reduce costs while maintaining an excellent quality of work. For example, an IT manager in Georgia earns on average $6,884 per month, while the same role in the United States typically earns $7,445 per month.

In-demand industries in Georgia

Hiring trends in Georgia reveal a wide variety of in-demand jobs. In 2022, many companies hire employees in Georgia within these industries:

  • Information technology (IT)
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Business development
  • Architecture
  • Customer service
  • Software development
  • Human resources
  • Mobile development
  • Creative media

The top companies hiring in Georgia are:

  • Amazon
  • EY
  • Deloitte
  • PwC
  • EPAM Systems
  • IBM
  • RSM

Many international technology companies have office locations in Georgia, with an attractive corporate tax rate of 5% and low income taxes here.

Rise in digital nomads

Georgia, specifically its capital of Tbilisi, has become a haven for digital nomads since the government implemented the digital nomad program " Remotely from Georgia" to make it easier for foreigners to work there. In Georgia, remote workers from 95 countries can now stay there for up to a year — with no visa — if approved for this program. Over 2,700 foreigners currently work in Georgia under this program.

In Tbilisi, there are dozens of co-working spaces and cafes that have speedy internet for remote workers. Digital nomads enjoy the unique offerings of the capital while often drastically reducing their costs of living. This program also benefits Georgia with tax revenue from foreign income tax that helps boost the economy.

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War

The war in neighboring Ukraine has undoubtedly affected life in Georgia. In terms of the workforce, 80,000 Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians have moved to Georgia since the start of the invasion. Of that number, 20,000 to 25,000 work in IT and software in Georgia.

How Can Skuad Help You in Hiring in Georgia?

Skuad provides a global employment platform for employers looking to hire the best remote talent and expand their businesses across the globe. The digital EOR platform takes care of all critical aspects such as hiring talent, onboarding, global digital contracts, managing payroll, compliance, and tax filing. We have a dedicated team of experts working for you across time zones and delivering excellent results. This allows you to focus on the business side of things without worrying about the detailed and complex hiring process. For more information, connect with a Skuad expert and book a demo.

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Table of Content

Building a remote team?

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