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Global recruitment is the process of attracting new applicants to fill your company’s open positions across borders. 

When it comes to hiring remote employees, there has never been a better time. People across the globe are transitioning from the conventional office setup and switching to a remote work system. These people are just as motivated and qualified to work for a global company as people who work in offices, and many of them feel they are even more productive working remotely.

One of the many benefits of hiring internationally is the vastly larger talent pool compared to hiring locally. With a vast talent pool, there is a higher chance of finding a perfectly qualified, capable, and motivated employee. Global human resources organizations such as Skuad can help companies hire and onboard workers in over 160 countries.

Recruiting and hiring are part of ensuring compliance with local employment laws. To ensure full compliance with employment and tax laws, including proper payroll, providing statutory benefits, and correctly classifying your workers, your company can work with Skuad - a global employment and payroll platform. Skuad enables organizations to hire remote workers, process payroll for remote employees, manage and pay contractors, and help your company remain in compliance with country-specific employment laws.

Benefits of Hiring Global Employees

Many workers are finding a good work-life balance as they work from the comfort of their homes while avoiding commuting to work and staying as productive as ever or more productive. This makes hiring remote workers easy, as there is a good amount of motivated talent to choose from.

In addition to the benefits that employees feel they get from working remotely, there are also many benefits for companies hiring international remote employees:

  • Your company can find some of the most talented and best candidates by casting a wide net.
  • Hiring remotely removes the need for offices and employees to be physically present in a workspace.
  • There are cost savings in the form of lower payroll in countries where the average wages are lower.
  • Hiring from all over the world allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of people with many different cultures, ideas, and experiences to bring to the company.
  • With numerous countries to hire from, your company can be more flexible when the need to fill vacant positions arises quickly.

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Global Recruitment Best Practices

As with any large and potentially expensive business project, planning is the first step in global recruitment. Along with planning, you’ll want to research the countries you intend to seek applicants from and look into the local employment and anti-discrimination laws.


The first step in the global recruitment process is to make a plan. Consider the company's goals for hiring and employing new employees and planning for recruiting begins with answering questions about your company’s goals. Is there a need for more employees? How many vacant positions need to be filled? What is the payroll budget? Do you have to recruit software, or will you use a global hiring platform?

Legal Research

Research for recruiting and hiring includes having legal experts look into the countries you intend to hire. There are complex employment laws as well as anti-discrimination laws you’ll need to be aware of before the recruiting process begins. Compliance will be important throughout the whole employment process.

Payroll Tax Research

Payroll costs vary by country. Some countries have higher employer contributions to programs such as social security, pensions, health insurance, unemployment insurance, other insurances, and other taxes. The higher the cost of the payroll taxes, the fewer employees you will be able to hire in each of those countries and keep within your payroll budget.

Information Collection

Advertise your open positions in the local language. Collect information from interested parties and try to entice them to apply. Monitor your job postings for popularity, and tweak them for better performance when needed.

Candidate Communication

Clearly communicate your company’s value proposition to the candidates when advertising your positions. Tell candidates what your company can do for them and inspire them to join your team. At the same time, communicate what is expected of the potential candidate, which qualifications they will need for the role, and the processes for recruiting, onboarding, work location, and employment.

Steps To Follow When Recruiting Globally

The following are the steps you’ll take to attract talented applicants to fill your open roles and bring their valuable skills to your company.

Recruitment Steps

Advertise the Position

There are numerous ways to advertise your open positions. For example, job listing sites and apps are two familiar places to advertise. In your advertisement, list the duties and requirements of the role and the salary and benefits. Most countries will require a certain amount of statutory benefits to be offered, such as insurance and a minimum amount of leave. To attract the best applicants, you may want to provide supplemental benefits and perks above those that are mandatory.

Interview the Candidates

Screen the applicants and find suitable candidates. Interviewing can be easy with virtual meeting software. To consider your applicant, note the time difference when scheduling an interview. Learn whether the interviewee is a good fit for the company in addition to their qualifications on paper.

Onboard the New Hire

Suppose the interview process goes well and your HR team feels the applicant will be a good fit for the company. In that case, you can begin bringing the new team member on board and have them agree to company policies, employment agreements, compensation, and contracts. From there, the employee can be supplied with the necessary equipment, trained, and put on the payroll before finally beginning work.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Global Employment Platform

Once you’ve made your recruiting plans and set your targets for the locations of your new hires, your company has some options for finding and employing your new team members. Your choices regarding hiring globally and which platforms or partners to use may depend on your plans and strategies.

If you don’t want to hire employees, you may want to contract with independent contractors. While this may be the cheaper option for hiring globally because of the lack of payroll taxes and benefits, it can be risky because governments around the world can be strict about misclassification, which is what happens when there is an employment relationship. Still, the worker is not given benefits and employment law protections.

Suppose you are going to establish a local legal entity to ensure local compliance. In that case, you can partner with a professional employer organization to take payroll or take care of all the human resources tasks in-house. Your company can also outsource payroll with a global payroll platform, which can be helpful if you have employees in several countries.

Suppose you are employing in numerous countries and are not going to establish local legal entities in all of those countries. In that case, you can partner with an employer of record, who will be the legal employer of your workforce on paper, without the need for an entity to be established. The employer of record can hire employees on your behalf and take care of payroll management, benefits administration, payroll taxes, and compliance.

Skuad – A Global Employment and Payroll Platform

Recruiting globally can be beneficial to a company intent on expanding globally. Hiring top local talent can help diversify your teams as well as increase the number of highly talented employees. With proper research and planning, you can find the right candidate in the country you want to hire, interview them, and onboard them into your globally dispersed teams of remote employees, remaining in compliance with local employment laws the whole time.

From there, you can take care of payroll in-house with a local entity or partner with a global payroll platform or a professional employer organization. If you don’t intend on establishing an entity, you can work with an employer of record to take care of the hiring, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Motivated and talented professionals can be found all over the world. Over 160 countries in which Skuad can help your company recruit and hire new team members. Skuad can help your company recruit, hire, onboard, and pay international remote employees, all while keeping your company in compliance with local employment and tax laws.

Contact us today for a demonstration of how we can help your company with its global recruitment strategy and help your company succeed in expanding worldwide.

Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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