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Hire in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has mawwt stress wwde some serious reforms in IT and education and has shown signs of a perfect destination for hiring in the IT and service industry in recent years. Most multinational organizations aspire to hire talented employees for a reasonable cost and digitization has just made that aspiration into reality. Today, a company in wwsw USA can easily hire a professional in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia without any hassle.

SuppoEs we wwse you are looking for a Remote Front End Developer for your website creation or a Quality Assurance Analyst to perform testing for your new product. Kyrgyzstan could be your solution in finding the right talent quickly and at a much affordable cost than other well-established talent hubs.


Population: 6.6 million (2020)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 7.7 billion USD (2020)

Languages Spoken and Culture

Kyrgyzstan has a mix of ethnic populations from a cultural standpoint; the Kyrgyz ethnic group form the majority group with an evident Russian influence. However, while Kyrgyz and Russian are the two primary spoken languages. Young professionals, unlike prior generations, are fluent in English. The capital city Bishkek is also an IT hub.

Economic Overview

As of December 2019, Kyrgyzstan's overall population stood around 6.5 million, with an impressive increase in labor force rate at 60.20%. The country's GDP now stands at 8.455 million USD, while the average monthly earnings are 216 USD after tax. The cost of living for one person is approximately 430 USD which means it's 80% cheaper to live in Kyrgyzstan versus Singapore.

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A Brief Glimpse of The Industries

When you look at the poorest nations in the world, you will find the Kyrgyz Republic in the top ten list. However, it is also among the most beautiful countries in Central Asia. Major industries include Fishing, Forestry, Mining and Manufacturing. All financial indicators show constant improvement in the past five years. No wonder companies are looking to invest and hire talent from Kyrgyzstan, especially in the IT and sales sectors.

Internet Speed

As per the latest data, the average broadband speed is 48 Mbps versus 25 Mbps mobile internet speed, which is quite good compared to other locations in Central Asia.

Talent Pool In Kyrgyzstan

If you want to hire in Kyrgyzstan, however, they are known to be hardworking and highly reliable. The capital city, Bishkek, hosts the majority of the knowledge workforce of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the High Technology Park of the Kyrgyz Republic offers a virtual environment with a particular legal and fiscal administration.

Bishkek is famous for offering remote workers in the areas such as software development, web development, mobile application design, programming, blockchain technologies, big data, and other IT services.

Apart from IT services, the city also has professional talent in academics, translation, digital marketing, and sales. If you want to build a remote team in Kyrgyzstan, the best thing is, you don’t have to worry much; Skuad can help you to find the right set of talents according to your requirements. Learn more.

Top Remote Job Profiles in Kyrgyzstan

Below are a few top remote profiles, along with starting hourly rates.

Remote Profiles Jobs Available Hourly Wage in USD Hourly Wage in KGS
Information Technology Web and Mobile Developers 20 1,700
Full-Stack Developer 20 1,700
User Interface/Experience Web Designer 30 2,500
IT Consultant 30 2,500
Translator and Educators English Teacher 30 2,500
Translator (English/Kyrgyz/Russian languages) 50 4,200
Product Launch and Sales Sales Manager 20 1,700
Sales Consultant 25 2,100
Product Manager 10 850
Design and Creatives Animation/3D Modelling 25 2,100
Video Editors 30 2,500
Digital Marketing Social Media Managers 15 1,300
Digital Marketing 20 1,700
SEO Experts 20 1,700
Accounting Financial Analyst 30 2,500
Financial Manager 50 4,200
Auditor 30 2,500

Hiring Cost in Kyrgyzstan

Let us discuss the cost involved in hiring employees in Kyrgyzstan. The currency of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyzstani Som or KGS; as per the current conversion rate, 1000 KGS is equivalent to 12 USD.

  • Cost of living in Kyrgyzstan (with rent) – 430 USD/ 36326 KGS
  • Average rent in Kyrgyzstan – 199 USD/ 16811 KGS
  • The average cost of hiring an employee in Kyrgyzstan – 3000 USD/ 253438 KGS

Break Down of  the Average Cost of Living in Kyrgyzstan

Particular Monthly Cost in USD Monthly Cost in KGS
Cost of Living per person 430 36,471
Rent and Utilities 199 16,878
Food Expenses 160 13,571
Transport Cost 17.8 1,526
Average Monthly Salary 216 18320

Cost of Living by City in Kyrgyzstan (Rent Included)

City Cost of Living in USD Cost of Living in KGS Average Rent in USD Average Rent in KGS
Bishkek 455 38,500 215 18,200
Osh 362 30,600 163 13,700
Jalal-Abad 411 35,000 171 14,500
Tokmok 404 34,000 181 15,000
Naryn 403 34,000 181 15,000

Please note that the average hiring cost includes the yearly amount incurred in housing, transport, and other employee benefits. Depending on the industries and high-end profiles, this may go up to 15000 USD/1267194 KGS.

Companies looking to hire remote workers need to offer a stipend for work equipment like laptops, payment, or refund of all business expenses incurred by the virtual professional. This stipend may also have to cover expenses incurred for work from a co-working space if the employee desires to avail of this option.

The hiring process in Kyrgyzstan can get a bit tricky and sound like a hassle. However, Skuad experts can make it a pretty seamless process. Talk to us.

Annual Salary Structure For Various Roles In Kyrgyzstan

Let's take a closer look at the salary structure for different job profiles available in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Please note the data below provides the average annual salary depending on the skills and experience of the worker in various sectors.

Industry Annual Salary in USD Annual Salary in KGS
Accounting and Finance 1,992 169,000
Admin and Customer Service 1,426 121,000
Banking 5,105 433,000
Engineering 2,747 233,000
Construction 4,550 386,000
Hospitality and Tourism 2,086 177,000
Healthcare 6,944 589,000
Information Technology 4,586 389,000
Human Resource 4,102 348,000
Pharmaceutical 3,750 318,000
Sales and Marketing 5,046 428,000
Legal Services 5,282 448,000

The Annual Increment In Kyrgyzstan

While considering the cost of hiring an average salary of the knowledge workers, we should not forget that they also demand an appropriate increment every 12 to 15 months. After all, they are the revenue generators, and they deserve it. The Annual Increment rate in the IT industry for 2020 stood at 6%, which signals good news for employers looking to hire remote employees in Kyrgyzstan because it's lower than other sectors in the county like Banking and Energy, where employees get up to 8% annual increment. You may read more here.

Employment Laws in Kyrgyzstan

The essential thing in the global hiring process is understanding the land rules and abiding by the laws to avoid any stress or penalties. Kyrgyzstan has well-defined employment laws to protect both employees as well as their employers. Below are some key points.

Employment Contract

As per Kyrgyz employment laws, there has to be an agreement in writing duly signed by both the employer and the employee, covering working conditions, hours, salary, and benefits according to the labor law. An employment contract can not exceed more than the months stipulated for fixed-term employment. If the employee continues to work post expiration of the agreement, it is deemed executed indefinitely.

Probationary Period

Employers may hire employees on probation to see their performance. The probation period in Kyrgyzstan is usually not more than three months for regular entry-level roles and may go up to six months for senior positions. If the performance is not satisfactory, the employer may end the contract with three days notice stating the reason for termination. Similarly, employees can also terminate the contract by providing three days’ notice during probation if they feel the job is unsuitable for them.

Work Hours and Compensation

As per the Kyrgyz Labour Law, regular working hours may not exceed forty hours per week. Short-term and part-time working hours are also permitted. Employers need to pay the agreed-upon wages at least once a month.

Labor laws, employment rules, and regulations vary in each country and location and can become an exhausting task. So having Skuad as an Employer of Record can be the wisest decision you make while hiring remote employees in Kyrgyzstan. Book a demo with us.

How Can Skuad Help You With Hiring in Kyrgyzstan?

Skuad provides a global employment platform for employers looking to hire the best remote talent and expand their businesses across the globe. Our digital EOR platform takes care of all critical aspects such as hiring talent, onboarding, global digital contracts, managing payroll, compliance, tax filing, and much more. Isn't it great to have experts working for you across time zones and delivering excellent results without you worrying about the detailed and complex hiring process? For more details - Connect with Skuad Experts.

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