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Hire in Madagascar

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Table of Content


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Madagascar is the second-largest island country in the world after Indonesia. It is the world’s 42nd largest country, and there are plenty of job opportunities here. The country is not as rich as many other countries globally, and 69% of the people live below the poverty line.

The labor force of the country equals 9.5 million. The low unemployment rate could be mainly because most of the people in the country are looking for part-time jobs and are already involved in the family business or agriculture. It is difficult to find jobs in Madagascar as the economy is developing.

Overview of Madagascar

Population - 31,056,610 people (2024)

GDP - USD 16.03 billion (2024 est.)

Economic Overview

The economy’s growth rate is 4.1% due to the efforts put in by the public workers and the country’s labor forces. Agriculture is the main contributing factor in the growth of the economy, followed by tourism, manufacturing, etc. Tourism is the primary source of revenue for the country, and annually, many tourists visit the country.

Market size

The market size of Madagascar is very small to accommodate all the job seekers in the country. Many youths are willing to work but do not have the opportunity. There needs to be proper training to be given to the youth to find overseas job opportunities that match their skill sets and interests.

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A brief glimpse of the industries

  • The Madagascar government is doing all it can to expand its market size with relationships and tie-ups with developed and developing countries. This is one of the main reasons why the country’s GDP is growing. 
  • The main industries of investment are tourism, infrastructure, and IT. The government has understood the importance of these sectors and is promoting them as much as it can. 
  • The government is doing all it can, especially in the manufacturing sector, to boost its GDP. 
  • The internet speed of Madagascar is 24.9 Mbps and is one of the fastest in the continent, even surpassing some of the developed countries like the UK and Canada.
  • The government of the country is very much open to foreign investments and collaboration.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is a combination of various factors present in the country. It depends on the economy, the spending habits of the people, the income, the growth, etc. The cost of living in Madagascar is comparatively less than in other countries. Below is the list of the cost of living in Madagascar.

Category Cost in USD/Month
Rent 533
Utilities 235
Food 157
Transport 73
Entertainment 100

Cost of Renting

The cost of renting in Madagascar is USD 533, far less than most other countries. Since the economy of the country is growing, the rent and other expenses are pretty low.

The cost of living in Madagascar is based on the location.

The top cities in Madagascar have a slightly higher cost of living compared to other cities in the country. The major cities of the country are Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Toamasina, and Toliara. These are the most famous and economically good cities in Madagascar, and these are the places where more opportunities are also present.

City Salary in USD/Month Cost of living in USD/Month
Antananarivo 348 539
Antsirabe 337 531
Toamasina 310 500
Toliara 289 482
Mahajanga 300 478
Taolagnaro 318 459
Antsiranana 279 450

The Top Industries That are Hiring in Madagascar in 2024

Sl No Industry Percentage of Growth
1 Tourism 62%
2 Infrastructure 17%
3 IT 20%
4 Transportation 16.56%
5 Health & Wellness 17.67%
6 Restaurants 15%
7 Online Shopping 19%
8 Digital marketing 30%
9 Medical 18%
10 Railway 14%

Top Skills in Madagascar

Madagascar has a fast-growing job market with the youth equipping themselves with new skills and continuously looking for new opportunities. The job market is expected to grow as more and more companies are showing their interest in hiring in Madagascar. It is evident that the country has a rich pool of talent that is not utilized.

Major Industries Hiring in Madagascar are:

Sl.No Industries
1. Tourism
2. Information Technology
3. Export
4. Digital Marketing
5. Consulting
6. Apparel
7. Sales

Top Skills City-Wise and Occupation-Wise

City Occupation
Antananarivo tourism, export, IT, medicine
Antsirabe tourism, transport, communications, media
Toamasina media, sales, marketing, IT, communications
Toliara hotels, apparel, fashion, IT, tourism,
Mahajanga communication, online, sales, manufacturing, IT
Taolagnaro IT, tourism, marketing, media, agriculture, digital marketing
Antsiranana IT, medical, manufacturing, sales, export

Antananarivo - Antananarivo is one of the best and most developed cities in Madagascar. The top opportunities in the city are tourism, export, IT, medicine, etc.

Antsirabe - Antsirabe is also a growing city in Madagascar, and there is rich talent in the city. The opportunities are in tourism, transport, communications, media, etc.

Toamasina - The third most famous city in Madagascar is Toamasina. The city offers opportunities such as media, sales, marketing, IT, communications, etc.

Toliara - Toliara has opportunities such as hotels, apparel, fashion, IT, tourism, etc. There are many unexplored opportunities in the city.

Mahajanga - The city offers opportunities such as communication, online, sales, manufacturing, IT, etc.

Taolagnaro - The city has many opportunities such as IT, tourism, marketing, media, agriculture, digital marketing, etc.

Antsiranana - The city has opportunities that include IT, medical, manufacturing, sales, export, etc.

The opportunities in the country are many and are growing rapidly. The government is making all the possible efforts to bring in more companies to reduce the unemployment gap and make the economy grow. Tourism is the most important industry in the country, and with the advent of many international companies and tie-ups, there is a bright chance that there will be changes in the country’s unemployment rate.

There have been many efforts in digitalization recently, and more concentration is to make the country digitally equipped to meet the changing demands and needs and provide the youth with opportunities to grow and prove themselves.

Hiring Cost

The hiring cost varies from city to city in Madagascar. But unlike other major countries in the world, there is not much of a difference. The hiring cost depends on the people’s cost of living, the country’s economy, the talent available, etc. The various factors below need to be considered when hiring in Madagascar.

Sl No. Hiring Costs
1. Recruitment costs
2. Interview costs
3. Onboarding costs
4. Training costs
5. Retainment costs

The Salary Structure for Various Roles

The following table will give an idea about the monthly salary in different industries in Madagascar.

Industry Salary in USD/Month
Tourism 380
Agriculture 300
IT 329
Health 357
Transportation 317
Communication 339
Media 304
Digital Marketing 347
Medicine 362
Sales 302
Marketing 300
Manufacturing 369
Export 357
Real Estate 400
Fashion 389
Legal 356

Employment Laws in Madagascar

Hiring in Madagascar is undertaken by companies to expand their business to foreign markets, explore and utilize better talent. Madagascar has some employment laws that one needs to take care of and understand.

  • Hiring in Madagascar is based on the country’s labor law, and any company that hires in Madagascar is subject to these laws. 
  • A contract of agreement is made between the employer and the employee relating to the employment’s terms and conditions. 
  • The maximum number of hours to work in a day is eight with all the breaks and time-offs. 
  • The regulations are moreover simple and the same in other countries. The authorities have the right and power to make amendments when and where necessary. 
  • The government has adopted a friendly system where the employer and the employee work in harmony and strive for the better.

Important Laws Relating to the Employment in Madagascar

Apart from these laws, other countries' laws protect the rights of the workplace and make sure that the citizens in the country are eligible for freedom and protection. The government is keen on providing a better environment for everyone. A staffing company can help you avoid all these obstacles and provide you with the best talent.

Sl No Employment Laws
1. Labor relations laws
2. Civil rights laws
3. Workplace safety laws
4. Family and medical leave laws
5. The social security law
6. The labor code
7. The labor contract law

Skuad Can Help You Hire in Madagascar

Hiring is not easy, especially when it comes to a foreign country. There are many things that need to be taken care of and studied before proceeding. It is advisable to get the help of an Employer of Record partner who will guide you step-by-step and get you the best possible results. As a top-tier unified employment platform, Skuad can help to get you the best talent in Madagascar. Partner with Skuad to get the most out of your hiring journey.

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Table of Content

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