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Hire in Saudi Arabia

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Hire in Saudi Arabia

An emerging middle east country situated in the western Asian region is Saudi Arabia. It is home to nearly 34.08 million individuals, but surprisingly its unemployment rate is as low as 8.50%, with a decline of 0.1% last year. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopted a remarkable strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The country systematically tackled the pandemic and got placed amongst the top 20 countries in the international ranking to overcome a possible disaster. Apart from this, the female employment rate has increased from 68 to 78 percent between 2018 to 2020. A dramatic change is seen in the overall perspective of the people of this country. 

Apart from this, Saudi Arabia is home to the two holiest cities in Islam, Mecca, and Medina. Hundreds of thousands of devotees come to these cities to perform the holy pilgrimage, thereby generating a lot of cash flow for the Saudi Arabian economy. People from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh frequently come to the country to seek employment opportunities. This country offers a lavish lifestyle, beautiful landscapes of the desert regions, and whatnot. It is an emerging country of the middle east with a plethora of opportunities for the seekers.

Overview of Saudi Arabia

The economic sector here in Saudi Arabia is dominated by the export of oil to many countries. The country holds 19th position in the GDP ranking (2021) and 71st position in the overall prosperity index. Around 6 million foreign workers are a part of the driving force behind the country's booming economy. With the petroleum industry dominating the country, it is considered an energy superpower and a part of OPEC. This is one reason that the cash flow in the economy did not slow down till the pandemic situation happened, but the authorities were able to recover and bring the country back to its feet in a quick time.

Total population: 34.08 million

GDP: US $701.47 billion (2020)

Economic Overview

According to the reports, the Saudi Arabian economy will bounce back to where it was and witness positive growth after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are completely lifted. A 2.3% growth in the overall GDP output is expected between 2012 to 2024. Saudi Kingdom's economy is said to witness dramatic growth with increasing oil prices and a growing world economy.

Market Size

Saudi Arabia's economy is amongst the top 20 in the world and is the largest in the Middle East. The country is also a member of G20 countries. According to the 2014 surplus budget of Saudi Arabia, oil and non-oil revenues accounted for $10 billion in profit.

  • Saudi Arabia holds a quarter of the world's oil reserves. This is one reason that petroleum extraction is cheaper in Saudi Arabia and makes up around 87% of Saudi revenue and adds 42% to Saudi's GDP. 
  • Around 7.4 million foreign workers are legal immigrants present in the nation and are a major part of the driving force running the Saudi economy. In the private sector, 90% of the employees are foreigners, which indicates that there is a good scope for expats.
  • The country also has a small agricultural sector, and mining activity also takes place here. And the country also produces the largest number of dates which adds to the revenue generated by the exports.
  • Hajj Pilgrimage also generates temporary employment opportunities and generates around $2-3 billion of the revenue.

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Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia

The living cost of a single individual is US $650 (2,450 SAR) and is one of the cheapest places to live in despite having a really strong economy. The country provides an affordable place to live in and is a preferred living destination for many Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people.

Category Area of expense Range
Utilities Electricity, Water, Heating, Internet services, Prepaid mobile tariff US $100 – 150
Rental rates

Apartment (1 room) in city and outside city,

Apartment (2-3 rooms) In the city and outside the city.

US $ 250-600

US $ 500-800

Transportation Cost One way ticket local transport, Taxi tariff, Gasoline. US $ 4.0 – 10.00
Food and Beverage Grocery, Vegetables, Meat and Poultry US $ 200-400
Salaries and Financing

Average monthly net salary

US $2500- 8000

Cost of renting and living in Saudi Arabia

The cost of renting and living in Saudi Arabia varies with the cities, lifestyle, and location. According to data obtained from Nuembo, an individual must spend around USD $650 (2,450 SAR) on average, and the rent of a one-bedroom apartment in a city can be around US $350 (1,312 SAR).

  • Tier one metropolitan cities are Dammam, Ta'if, Tabuk, Jiddah, Mecca, and Medina
  • Tier two upcoming cities are Abha, Al-Bukharriya, Khamis Mushait.
Cities Cost
Riyad 752$ - 2694$
Mecca 699$-2513$
Medina 761$-2730$
Jeddah 715$-2566$
Tabuk $388-$1521

The top sectors that are expected to hire in 2021 in Saudi Arabia are: -

S.No Top Industries looking to hire
1. Tourism Sector
2. Petrochemical Industry
3. Construction
4. Information Technology Industry
5. Real Estate Sector
6. Energy Sector
7. Healthcare sector
8. Human Resource
9. Media and Advertising
10. Finance Sector

Top Skills in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a free economy where there are plenty of job opportunities available for skilled professionals. With the increasing demand and requirement of new world skills, the chances of employment in this country are higher for those individuals who can efficiently perform the task given. From technicians to drivers to engineers to managers, the Kingdom of Saudi has a lot to offer. 

  • Petroleum engineers
  • Surgeon 
  • IT industry 
  • Project Management 
  • Creative designing 
  • College Professors 
  • Orthodontists 

Top skills city-wise occupation-wise

  • Mecca: The average annual salary of an employee in Mecca city is around US $4,250. Popular professions in the city are IT managers, professors, health care workers, and technicians
  • Medina: The average annual salary in Medina city is around US $6,350. Popular professions in this city are Doctors, Market researchers, engineers, and technicians. 
  • Riyadh: The average annual salary in the city of Riyad is US $30,000. The popular jobs offered in this city are petroleum engineers, IT managers, surgeons, and multinational company employees.

Hiring Cost

The most important factor in the recruitment of an employee is the hiring cost. Several factors are to be considered before letting an employee be a part of a company, such as: - 

  • Onboarding process
  • Training costs 
  • Interview cost
  • Hiring process 
  • Time invested 

Salary structure for various roles

Listed below is the salary structure for various roles in Saudi Arabia across different job profiles.

Profile Average monthly salary
Senior accountant $3,766
HR executive $3,457
Receptionist $2,230
Construction project manager $8,757
Sales/marketing manager $6,112
Construction project manager $8,757
Logistics executive $3,045
CEO/MD – Multinational $38,325
CEO/MD – Local company $27,100
Hotel general manager $10,404
Headteacher/principal $7,217
Human resources manager $8,816
Recruitment manager $8,373
Human resources manager $8,816
Facilities management manager $6,934

Employment Laws in Saudi Arabia

The labor market in Saudi Arabia is governed through various legislations and rules passed by the government. The Labor Law of Saudi Arabia has various provisions regarding aspects such as: -

  • Minimum and maximum work hours.
  • Minimum salaries and wages.
  • Leaves and holidays.
  • Work contracts and training contracts.
  • Termination of employment

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