Hire in Tome and Principe

Hire in Tome and Principe

Hire in Tome and Principe

The Democratic Republic of Säo Tomé and Príncipe, commonly known as Säo Tomé and Príncipe, is an island country. The beautiful coasts and amazing weather makes Säo Tomé and Príncipe a very desirable place to relocate. Säo Tomé and Príncipe have recently seen a decrease in their unemployment rate. That is solid proof of increasing job opportunities in the country. You are a fan of the ocean and want to start somewhere fresh, Säo Tomé and Príncipe might just be the place for you.

Overview of Tome and Principe

Säo Tomé and Príncipe is the second smallest African state. This country consists of two main islands named Príncipe and Säo Tomé. The country of Säo Tomé and Príncipe has had a plantation economy ever since the 15th century. A dash of Portuguese culture persists in this country even after independence. Säo Tomé and Príncipe follow excellent democratic principles and are in a beautiful country to work in.

Total population – 211,028

GDP – US $355 million (7,312.98 million STN)

Economic Overview

Säo Tomé and Príncipe have an average growth of 4% each year in their GDP. The current PPP GDP of Säo Tomé and Príncipe is US $685 million (14,110.97 million STN). Thus, the per capita income stands to be US $3,220 (66,331.86 STN). But the nominal GDP values are almost half of PPP GDP. The latest nominal GDP of Säo Tomé and Príncipe is US $355 million (7,312.98 million STN), and the per capita income is US $1,668 (34,360.73 STN).

Market size

The market size of Säo Tomé and Príncipe is small. Säo Tomé and Príncipe are hoping to expand their market in the oil sector by finding the predicted reserves. The main industries in the market of Säo Tomé and Príncipe are textiles, beer, light construction, timber, soap, and fish processing. Säo Tomé and Príncipe being an island country, has great scope for expanding its fisheries industries. Heeding to the economic downturn, Säo Tomé and Príncipe decided to privatize its agricultural, banking, tourism, and financial sectors.

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A brief glimpse of the industries

  • Agriculture is the predominant sector in Säo Tomé and Príncipe. 95% of the agricultural production is of cocoa. Even though it's an agricultural nation, its food requirements are not completely met as most crops are money crops.
  • Säo Tomé and Príncipe is a beautiful country. Foreign investors are investing in Säo Tomé and Príncipe to make a tourist destination. This is going to enhance the tourism sector of the country. With beautiful beaches and vacations, perfect weather Säo Tomé and Príncipe have the potential to be a tourist hotspot.

Cost of living in Tome and Principe

Säo Tomé and Príncipe is an affordable nation to live in. It is a beautiful country with excellent beaches. As tourism is an important part of the country, it offers a fabulous quality of life. Even though it is a tourist nation, the cost of living is quite affordable as compared to most tourist destinations.

Category Area of expense Estimated cost Range
Utilities Electricity, Water, Heating, Internet services, Prepaid mobile tariff US $213.58 (4,408.85 STN) US $193.77 to US $242.22 (4,000 STN to 5,000 STN)
Rental rates

Apartment (1 room) in city and outside city,

Apartment (2-3 rooms) In the city and outside the city.

US $207.65 (4,286.38 STN)

US $533.96 (11,022.14 STN)

US $177.98 to US $237.31 (3,674.04 STN to 4,898.73 STN)

US $474.63 to US $593.29 (9,797.46 STN to 12,246.82 STN)

Transportation Cost One way ticket local transport, Taxi tariff, Gasoline. US $118.65 (2,449.36 STN) US $96.88 to US $145.33 (2,000 STN to 3,000 STN)
Food and Beverage Grocery, Vegetables, Meat and Poultry US $290.71 (6,000.94 STN) US $242.22 to US $339.11 (5,000 STN to 7,000 STN)
Salaries and Financing Average monthly net salary US $148.32 (3,061.70 STN) US $121.11 to US $484.44 (2,500 STN to 10,000 STN)

Cost of Renting

The cost of renting in Säo Tomé and Príncipe is average. The renting cost depends widely on the availability of amenities in and near the housing facility. More easy access to amenities is the renting cost. The cost of renting also depends on the area of your apartment. The renting cost for a one-room apartment and a two-room apartment is quite different.

Cost of living depending upon your location

The cost of living in Säo Tomé and Príncipe is quite affordable. This country has excellent quality of life to offer. The beautiful weather is a plus. Amongst all that, the cost of living is quite affordable.

  • São Tomém is a tier 1 city that has the highest cost of living.
  • Neves, Trindade, Santana, etc., are tier 2 cities with an average living cost.
  • Porto Alegre, Santa Catarina, Santo António, etc., are tier 3 cities with the lowest cost of living.

Mentioned below are details regarding the cost of living in the leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of Tome and Principe.

Cities (Cost of living) (Cost of living)
São Tomé 20,207.23 STN US $978.93
Neves 19,785 STN US $958.48
Trindade 18,896 STN US $915.41

The top sectors that are expected to hire in 2021 in Tome and Principe are:

S. No Top Industries looking to hire
1. Agriculture
2. Mining and quarrying
3. Manufacturing
4. Construction
5. Public utilities
6. Education
7. Urban development
8. Environment
9. Social protection services
10. Healthcare

Top skills in Tome and Principe

Säo Tomé and Príncipe is a developing country. Apart from the prevalent skills in the nation, this country is always looking for new talent. Säo Tomé and Príncipe have taken an interest in individuals skilled in programming, management, biodiversity, assistance, and hospitality. Numerous new opportunities are generated and presented to skilled individuals.

Major skills and areas which have witnessed a recent growth rate

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Oil industries
  • Fisheries
  • Finance

Hiring Cost

The cost is a very important factor for every recruiting organization. Following facets are taken under consideration before hiring new personnel

  • Advertisement cost
  • Opportunity cost
  • Hiring process
  • Interview process

Salary structure for various roles

The table below highlights the average salaries that are offered to employees in Tome and Principe according to different sectors:

Business Sector Average Annual Salary
Education and Training US $4,307,727.58 (88,920,000 STN)
Wholesale Trade US $4,435,622.33 (91,560,000 STN)
Transport, Postal, Warehousing US $4,371,674.96 (90,240,000 STN)
Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants US $3,151,956.52 (65,062,604 STN)
Retail Trade US $2,366,052.80 (48,840,000 STN)
Other Services US $2,219,765.87 (45,820,349 STN)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services US $4,678,833.28 (96,580,354 STN)
Financial and Insurance Services US $4,409,742.68 (91,025,793 STN)
Information Media and Telecommunications US $3,581,052.89 (73,920,000 STN)
Construction US $1,110,358.93 (22,920,000 STN)
Manufacturing US $2,993,899.74 (61,800,000 STN)
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services US $3,150,120.07 (65,024,696 STN)
Arts and Recreation Services US $3,313,636.60 (68,400,000 STN)
Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services US $1,659,288.32 (34,250,986 STN)
Administrative and Support Services US $2,630,030.61 (54,289,023 STN)
Health Care and Social Assistance US $5,220,431.00 (107,760,000 STN)
Public Administration and Safety US $4,063,564.89 (83,880,000 STN)
Mining US $3,678,090.36 (75,923,045 STN)

Employment laws in Tome and Principe

Säo Tomé and Príncipe have just basic employment laws. Their structure is not very detailed. The below aspects are a part of employment laws of Säo Tomé and Príncipe

  • Working hours
  • Compensation
  • Leaves

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Organizing a hiring process in Säo Tomé and Príncipe can be a tiresome task that comprises several rules and regulations. When it comes to Säo Tomé and Príncipe, factors like cost of living, cost of hiring, and training are some of the factors that have an impact on the decision. Conduct hassle-free recruitments with experienced consultants from Skuad. Connect with Skuad Experts to know more.

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