Decoding Global Work


Building and Scaling Tech Teams in India

Building and Scaling Tech Teams in India


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Building and Scaling Tech Teams in India

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Welcome to the debut episode of Decoding Global Work - where we dive into building tech teams in India with Vinay, a seasoned expert in the field. With over two decades of experience, Vinay offers a treasure trove of insights on tapping into India's vast talent pool, embracing remote work, and navigating the unique challenges of the Indian tech landscape.

Ajit: Can you introduce yourself and share your background in building teams in India?

Vinay: Sure, I've spent around two and a half decades in various core HR roles, including entrepreneurship and business advisory for startups. My journey began with a product company in India, creating a global CRM product. This experience gave me a firsthand look at hiring great talent and nurturing it within the startup ecosystem.

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Ajit: What differentiates your current role in helping companies build their tech teams in India?

Vinay: Currently, I'm focused on enabling companies to establish globally distributed teams. We align talent demand with supply markets, facilitating organizations to hire top talent from anywhere in the world and ensuring seamless integration with our clients' teams, including hiring, onboarding, payroll compliances, and even off-boarding.

Ajit: What differentiates your current role in helping companies build their tech teams in India?

Vinay: India's tech talent landscape is incredibly rich, offering a vast number of highly skilled professionals. The cost efficiency, coupled with the quality of talent that aligns with global standards, makes India a hotspot for building tech teams. Moreover, India's startup ecosystem is thriving, signalling a vibrant environment for innovation and creativity.

Ajit: Is there a misconception about the quality of talent due to cost efficiency in India?

Vinay: I believe there's a significant misconception here. The quality of talent in India is not compromised by cost efficiency. The education system and skill development initiatives in India are rigorous, ensuring that the talent pool not only meets but often exceeds global standards.

Ajit: How has India adapted to the remote working model, especially post-COVID-19?

Vinay: Post-COVID, India has seen a substantial shift towards remote work, with professionals well-equipped for this change. This adaptation has been facilitated by a robust technological infrastructure and a cultural shift towards more flexible work models, ensuring productivity and efficiency in remote setups.

Ajit: For a founder looking to build a startup team in India, what advice would you give?

Vinay: Founders should first get clear on their expectations and the specific roles they're hiring for. Understanding the talent landscape and setting clear job descriptions are crucial. It's also important to be aware of the salary benchmarks and the legal and logistical aspects of hiring in India to ensure a smooth recruitment process.


Vinay's deep dive into building tech teams in India provides listeners with invaluable insights into leveraging the country's talent pool and strategic hiring practices in the region. His expertise illuminates the path for companies aspiring to tap into India's rich talent market.

Stay tuned for more episodes as we explore the intricacies of managing distributed teams across the globe, sharing insights and best practices from industry leaders.

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