Leading Through Change Global Expansion and Future of Work


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Leading Through Change Global Expansion and Future of Work

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Welcome to this insightful episode of Decoding Global Work - where we explore the dynamics of global business strategies and AI's influence on traditional business models. Today, we have Marcus Tan from Skuad discussing his extensive experience in global expansion and the intricate nuances of managing global teams effectively.

Ajit: Can you introduce yourself and share your extensive experience in various industries?

Marcus: With a vibrant career spanning private education, travel, and consulting, I've navigated through roles in business development, operations, and global expansion. Now, as VP of Global Expansion at Skuad, I handle responsibilities that range from compliance and legal aspects to direct operational tasks across multiple markets.

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Ajit: How has the strategy for global expansion evolved with the pandemic and remote work trends?

Marcus: The pandemic forced a rapid shift towards digital transformation and remote work, challenging traditional business operations. Companies now prioritize agility and innovation, learning to leverage technology to support remote work environments and expand their talent acquisition beyond geographical borders.

Ajit: What are the major risks associated with managing a global, remote workforce?

Marcus: Key challenges include managing compliance across varying international laws, ensuring data security, and the risk of employees not fulfilling their roles effectively, potentially leading to operational disruptions. Balancing trust with oversight is crucial in a remote setup.

Ajit: How do you leverage AI and technology in managing global teams and compliance?

Marcus: AI and automation are game changers, streamlining processes like payroll, compliance, and employee management. Predictive analytics and personalized employee experiences are particularly transformative, allowing for more efficient and human-centric operations.

Ajit: Could you share some challenges and breakthroughs in implementing AI in business practices?

Marcus: AI's potential to automate routine tasks and offer predictive insights can significantly enhance productivity and decision-making. However, integrating AI requires careful management to ensure it complements human workforces without replacing them entirely.


Marcus Tan's discussion provides a deep dive into the complexities and strategic innovations in managing global teams. His insights into the use of AI and the evolution of business strategies in response to global trends offer valuable lessons for businesses aiming to thrive in an interconnected world.

Stay tuned for more episodes as we continue to decode the intricacies of global work, featuring insights from industry experts around the world.

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