Stay ahead of the legal landscape, no matter where you hire.

Ensure ongoing compliance and keep your global expansion goals on track. Leave the regulatory, tax and other legal hassles to us.

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Local HR compliance

Legally compliant contracts

Risk management

GDPR compliance

Payments in 100+ currencies

Reduced time-to-market

GDPR compliant

No hidden costs or lock-ins

Trusted by global leaders across industries

Our clients include SaaS, logistics, e-commerce organizations as well as companies from a broad range of other sectors who are looking to grow their business globally. Become one of them.

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cactusship rocketbespin globalmake a wishsayurboxamarthaakseleranjaniohyphenwork humansimwellnarrativeremote lock

Why you need Skuad?

Expanding internationally doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Easily mitigate risks, manage compliance complexities and protect your intellectual property with Skuad. 

Global employment & payroll features


Reduced legal risks for international expansion.

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Compliance with GDPR and privacy laws.

locally compliant

Locally compliant contracts in 160+ countries.

Value-added services

new market

New market entry in days without legal headaches.

local entity

Local expertise without a local entity.

workforce management

Streamlined and compliant workforce management.

Our plug-and-play digital employment infrastructure

Skuad’s integrated platform takes care of all things compliance for your global team, including payroll, taxes, benefits, contracts and employment laws.



Hire better, faster, smarter, worldwide, with Skuad as your Employer of Record.



Make cross-border payments in 100+ currencies and manage multiple invoices with one click.



Onboard your talent instantly and compliantly on Skuad’s all-in-one platform.



Safeguard your data and IP, avoid misclassification risks and expensive fines, easily.

Skuad enabled us to build our remote team in India and scale our team by 3x without the hassles of incorporation, payroll and benefits management. They have an intuitive platform and the support team is very responsive.

Akanksha Jagwani

CEO, SixSense

Skuad has been a game-changer for us, completely transforming the way we manage our global team. Skuad’s digital onboarding has made our international payments as easy as our domestic ones.  Payroll management that used to take hours is now error-free and takes just a few minutes.

Jon Santavy

Managing Partner, Simwell

Hiring anyone outside Singapore used to be an ordeal for us. This changed when we partnered with Skuad. We no longer spend our time worrying about international payroll and local compliance. Skuad has simplified remote team management for us and has been important to our growth across borders.

rashmi tripathi

Rashi Tripathi

Business Manager, Snaphunt

We work with full-time employees and contractors outside the USA. Before Skuad, running global payroll and staying compliant used to be a huge headache. Skuad simplified every aspect of global hiring for us. The team has gone above and beyond to support us with all our requests and queries.

Chunzhao Zheng

Co-Founder, Fize

With employees spread across continents, Avlino needed to onboard talent quickly and run international payroll for them. With Skuad, we have the support and guidance that we need - an easy payroll cycle and centralized management of our global talent. Skuad's platform has provided us with consistency through our dynamic growth.

Joana Portelo

Global HR Coordinator, Avlino

When we started hiring in India, we had trouble finding tech talent that met our requirements. Skuad made getting the right talent hassle-free for us. They have a great team that listens intently and responds quickly. We have had an excellent experience so far and hope for the same in the future.


Ivan Nikolas Tambunan

Co-Founder and CEO, Akseleran

Hire internationally the safe, easy and compliant way.

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